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Ref: 1633
Filed: 02/09/2022

Allegation: Negligence

Accused Company:

Company number: gb-10641810

46 Aspley Park Drive, Nottingham, NG8 3EG
United Kingdom

Value: GBP 1,000.00

Dispute details:

Neighbours builder fixes dormer extension to my single brick chimney!

In April 2022 the neighbours started party wall works and ignored all the legislation surrounding this. I informed building regulations who told me they intended to demolish my chimney which is not shared to build the dormer extension. Instead they raised my chimney without my permission or consent. The builder damaged my chimney and roof. He then got permission to build the dormer from BC. He encroached my boundary and made the chimney part of the dormer extension as a wall. So now we can No longer use the gas fire connected to my chimney. No roofer will repair my chimney because it is connected to the dormer extension. As a consequence the neighbours have been harassing us and we have had to install cctv cameras. The work is bad and water from the guttering goes inside the neighbours window directly below. The rain water continues to fall into our garden as well. We cannot use the gas fire because of the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

My father attempted to talk to the builder who said to him if the chimney collapses then just claim under your insurance.

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Mamoona Daoud

Nottingham , United Kingdom