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Ref: 2247
Filed: 09/07/2023

Accused Company:


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Company number: gb-10816074

121 Front Road, Sunderland, SR4 0BY
United Kingdom

Allegation: Poor Quality

Value: GBP 8,363.01

Dispute details:

Substandard Building Work

LKR Building Services LTD was hired nine months ago to erect a front extension and to complete some joinery and plastering work for us. The builder left us with many problems that up-to-date have not been rectified: windows that are not of rectangular shape, a jamming front door, terrible joinery work, a bumpy newly-constructed floor of the extension and a few others. We have also discovered that the builder did not follow the approved building plans and violated some building regulations. In particular, no cavity trays have been installed above the roof of the extension so that there are no damp-proof measures in place; no ducted air vents have been fitted to provide ventilation to the subfloor. There were two other shocking discoveries that we made after investigating with a borescope: (1) the roof of our new extension barely has any insulation which explains why it was always very cold downstairs during the winter months; (2) some of the new floor joists have no proper support and no damp-proof membrane for protection. We have reported the problems many times, but the builder only makes excuses and has made no reasonable attempts to put the substandard work right except coming over twice to do some patch-up work. In fact, the builder recently said that they are "too busy to be calling backwards and forwards."

Attempts to resolve dispute:

After several letters of complaint sent and largely unacknowledged, we have requested a refund to replace the faulty windows and the door and to put all the substandard work right.

Response to accusation (by accused):

There are two sides to a story and for them to write this about the company is an absolute disgrace and only out to get money. This family of ****** Road checked over my work for 2 years while I was busy extending my own house (front back and side) Mrs Elena Gibadulina went as far as checking in the kitchen cupboards in my own home. We started the work and when digging out for the foundation the ground was that badly compact that it kept on caving in so we had to dig out the full area out costing more money for disposal and back filling this we did not charge for and done it as good will (normally cost an extra £800 labour cost etc), we then also noticed that they had the old lead pipe in the ground which also gave them poor water pressure in the house this would have normally cost them up to £1500 to replace we charged the £300 only for the materials. We went on to build the front extension and take out the front of the house to fit the steels, everything was fine until the doors as windows went in and we noticed they where 5mm out of square we went back to the manufacturer (RyanDale) and told them the situation we where backwards and forwards with them for a long time trying to resolve this but not much was getting done. The customer paid the company direct for the windows and doors even though i referred her to them. They came to an agreement that Mrs Elena Gibadulina should source her new windows and doors and once RyanDale had there's returned then a full refund would be given (This was never done customers choice but I still don't know to this day) There is proof in text messages and emails about this along with everything else. Once again everything was fine when we started the internal work and the building inspector was over seeing this all the way bearing in mind my company has been going 6 years without any problems until you then have this one person who tries to ruin things for you and your business. These people are quick enough to slate your company and only after one thing ££££. It came to a point where every morning we are going in and she had her husband going over things we had done the day before (most cases we had not finished the work so it was easy explained which her was happy with. These people are not builders so did not know certain way things had to work until you explained it to them and then they understood, by the end of the build they had been out and bought every bit of tool and inspection equipment possible to test and measure everything we done with no tolerances throughout and by then thought they knew everything about building and construction. These customers had been going round with a distance laser measure on a evening when we had left and measuring everything and I mean everything to the miller meter. The floor situation that Elena is talking about is to do with the original floor that is in the house bearing in mind these houses where build around the 60's so we had to extend on from that with the new extension. The floor joists had been wrapped with DPC on the ends which you could not see because they where buried into the wall these had all been inspected from the building inspector when fitted along with the kinspan insulation in the floor as we would not have been able to carry on. The customer had new radiators fitted up stairs which she then blamed the plumber for it leaking onto her new ceiling in the sitting room. I thought I’d help them out AGAIN and inspected this myself by cutting the ceiling away only to discover that it had nothing to do with the plumbing that had just been done but the fact there was old pipework which was actually leaking. I done the right thing and fixed this for them and then patched the ceiling back up which you would never know anyone had been in (Did not charge the customer 1p) Throughout this build I bent over backwards for this customer and this is the thanks I got after know the family that long I can now see what they where after all along and that's £££, I even gave the customer a cheap quote knowing them that long and that they always commented on the work that I did on my own house when they called in for a look so couldn't wait for me to start the work on their house. The final day came when I arranged for the building inspector to call in at 12pm look at the 3 final bits of work that needed to be done and for us to have the building signed off. 1, plasterer to take down part of the ceiling in the new extension to inspect insulation. If there was not enough in 300mm then add more. 2, check the air vents that where fitted in the brickwork of the building and make sure full airflow below the floor (This house had a cellar so it was easy enough access) 3. Cavity trays or storm dry which has been proven and used on many of properties throughout the uk. The building inspector was happy with us using this and would have been done that day. These where 3 simple jobs which we tried to get finished but when we arrived on the morning of the visit the customer would not allow us in the property or to carry out any of the work to have the building completed and signed off that day. I then had to phone the building inspector and explain the situation I have never walked away from this job and still tried to resolve any issues right until this day, I have always tried putting things right with the customer, I have helped the customer out by done extra work that I never charged for but for some reason they feel the need to slate my business. I'm not a bad person or a bad company for someone to slate like this and there for try and get almost half the money back for what it cost to do the build is a disgrace. Any other builders reading this then i would advise you to stay clear of ***** Road (Mr & Mrs Gibabul) when asking for a quote or to do any work for what they have put me and my business through)


Elena Gibadulina

Sunderland , United Kingdom