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Ref: 1697
Filed: 20/10/2022

Accused Company:


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Company number: gb-11379602

Unit 2, Vinalls Business Centre
Nep Town Road, Henfield, BN5 9DZ
United Kingdom

Allegation: Non performance of Services

Value: GBP 6,031.26

Dispute details:

Unfulfilled contract

In Spring of 2021 we agreed to a full bathroom refit to be carried out by Henfield Building Solutions (HBS), the Director of HBS informed us would take '10 days.' We accepted the quote provided by HBS and duly paid a deposit and then made further payments for the bathroom suite and tilling. We expected the funds paid across for the bathroom suite and tiling to be utilised for the purchase of these materials. This did not prove to be the case.

There followed a whole series of rescheduled dates for the refit to begin, which eventually began in September 2021.

The attendance on site was sporadic, with promises made and broken on numerous occasions. We eventually lost patience and sacked them leaving us with a stripped out bathroom.

We sought to obtain a refund for the work not completed and the materials to complete the bathroom, which we had paid for. It became clear that only a limited number of floor tiles had been purchased (insufficient to complete the floor) with the monies we had provided. No bathroom suite or wall tiling had been purchased.

After negotiation with HBS we agreed an amount of money that HBS would refund to us, despite a number of written promises to make reparation no payments were, or have, been made.

Eventually, having exhausted all available avenues, we sought and were granted a CCJ through the civil court, their reply accepting the facts as set out. No payment have been made by HBS since the granting of the CCJ.

Official registers would indicate there are 5 unsatisfied judgements (CCJ's) - besides ours - outstanding against them for varying amounts of money.

We have now become aware of several other locations in Henfield where work has been started by HBS and where the site has been abandoned and the work is incomplete.

Ultimately, we engaged - and paid for - another builder to remediate the work competed by HBS and to complete the bathroom.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

There has been a whole series of written conversations seeking to resolve this matter, we have reached a written agreement on two separate occasion's where HBS have agreed to make payment, no payments have been made.

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Mr & Mrs E O'Dwyer

Henfield , United Kingdom