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Ref: 1833
Filed: 09/12/2022

Accused Company:


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Company number: gb-11522506

12 Porton Road, Liverpool, L32 4UL
United Kingdom

Allegation: Fraud

Value: GBP 16,080.00

Dispute details:

Company took £16080 and delivered nothing- left us with no heating or hot water

This company took £16080 from us and promised to fit 10 solar panels and a thermodynamic hot water heating system. This was due to be fitted in October 2022 and we had about heating system removed in readiness. Nothing arrived. December 2022 and -9 degrees and we have no heating, no hot water, and as we took a loan out to pay him, we have no money to rectify this. Director of the company has faked his credentials- pretended to be trading standards certified (trading standards are already on to him and he said he did it ‘by accident’! Also faked being registered with HEIS. Faked invoices and orders. Has affiliations on the website with companies who they are not affiliated with because I have contacted them and checked this.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

Trading standards, lengthy dialogue with the company director and a promise to repay us back- last contact from the debtor was that he would maybe have a little look into refunding us later. That was three weeks since this post on here. Matter now with debt collection agency.

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Carolyn Richardson

Ormskirk , United Kingdom