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Ref: 2490
Filed: 02/02/2024

Accused Company:


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Company number: gb-11530708
Website: Instagram @kprsltd

United Kingdom

Allegation: Poor Quality

Value: GBP 28,505.00

Dispute details:

Overcharged and very poor workmanship unprofessional

Our job has been done to a very poor standard. The shower has leaked for the past 5 weeks since being put in. Tiles don’t line up, missing grout, the toilet moves, there is a chunk missing out of the new shower tray, there is a chunk of glass missing from one of the shower screens, the niche is very substandard, the eco toilet has not been fitted. The builders never arrived on time, often worked for 1-2 hours then left to pick up bits, have lunch or go to another job often not returning that day! We had a lot of no shows without even a message to let us know! The builder continually asked me to transfer money for materials, for our job, stupidly I did and they’ve now had £28,505.00 from us! The last £950 I was asked to transfer to his personal account as the business account was overdrawn! I asked for work plans, receipts and invoices for the materials and was told they didn’t have them! There were 3 meetings arranged last week with the 2 company directors, once they said they couldn’t make it, the other 2 times they just didn’t turn up! One came this week and agreed the job was in a shocking state agreeing that tiles needed to be replaced, the whole bathroom needed to be resealed, the grouting needed to be redone, a new shower screen needed to be reordered, they would repair the hole in the shower tray, the sliding door that scrapes on the frame will be rectified, the eco toilet needed to be put in, the rubbish needed to be removed, the list goes on! I said I wanted them to try to recitfy the problems. He still claims that I owe them more money! He started by taking off the wonky tiles and some of the protruding ones, and sealing the shower and niche which he did to a very poor standard. He said as a good will gesture he would replace 4 internal doors for us and decorate the hallway proving we make the final payment but didn’t know how much he thinks we still owe him! A new employee came yesterday, his first Friday with this company, he replaced the tiles, spaced with bits of cardboard, then they pulled him from our job to go to another job, he was gone for 2.5 hours, apparently he was called to a leak, despite the face we’ve had 3 leaks over the past 5 weeks and was told to get my husband to tighten things up! I got up at 8am today, when no-one had arrived by 9.30 I messaged to ask if anyone was coming and was told the new guy wasn’t answering his phone so no, no-one was coming! I asked when someone would be coming and got no reply! I asked them to come and collect their tools here as after 8 weeks of stress, anxiety and inconvenience Iv had enough! Our job obviously is not a priority and 8 weeks in it’s still far from finished.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

I said I would like to give them the chance to sort out the problems so they take the guy off our job, the day after agreeing the work they’ve done here is embarrassing and not bother telling me no-one was coming today! They are totally unprofessional they’ve not taken the rubbish we have already paid them to take, they are not committed to finishing our job so I have lodged a complaint with Trading Standards!

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Lisa Saunders-Davis

Margate , United Kingdom