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Ref: 2216
Filed: 23/06/2023

Accused Company:


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Company number: gb-11699720

43 Anerley Road, London, SE19 2AS
United Kingdom

Allegation: Negligence

Value: GBP 3,000.00

Dispute details:

Not finished work - Negligence

The company was paid to do a kitchen, fit a shower and paint in December 2022.
They had not finished my kitchen which was agreed to be finish at the latest the end of December 2022. The director had my house keys for access of the property before I moved in. The director explained he did not give the keys to the work men as he would be letting them in and out.
Once I moved in to the property in December 2022 The director told me one of the workmen had my keys and he was unable to get in touch with his workmen.
I explained I was worried and would like my keys back or for the lock to be changed.
The director only changed my locks in March 2023 despite my efforts and multiple of messages and calls.
I have been left with a hole which allowed mice to get to my property and I now have an infestation.
Despite all my efforts The director always has an excuse.
During the kitchen renovation The director referred someone to do the vinyl flooring and the carpet.
The company came and done the flooring, when I came back to the property the vinyl floor in the kitchen had cuts I asked The director why was this, and he explained his work men had moved the cabinets to another side even though he instructed them to make sure the cabinets were in the right place for the vinyl to be placed. The director explained he would ask for the floor to be redone all this took place in December 2022.
The director has only finished plastering and painting the front room in February 2023.
Sealed the flooring in April, blocked the hole where the mice were getting in April.

Today (23/06/2023) the floor was fitted. The director promised me to come and finish it right after and this has not been the case.

The director had promised to tile my kitchen as a gesture of good will. And the fact that his work men removed some tiles which left part of the wall without any tiles.

The work pending is as follow:
- cupboard to be painted in the kitchen
- 3 doors to be fitted in he kitchen
- fridge panel doors to be changed as they been put on wrong
- island panel to be changed as it was placed wrong
- bathroom to be painted
- bathroom skirting board to be finished

The work was very poor.
The cupboard on the wall is not cut properly.
A cupboard was cut as there were tiles instead of removing the tiles.

The worktop is against the wall near the sink as the wall is uneven, The director advised me to buy a work top splash as the water is falling down to the cabinet.
I have brought this in December 2022 I have the confirmation email. However this has not been fitted and water keeps falling and ruining the cabin.

The kitchen is very poor the way it has been built and it has been over 7 months now and everything is still unfinished.

I have WhatsApp messages which confirm this.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

Phone calls, WhatsApp messages and texts begging the company to finish the work.

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Sonia Bastos

London , United Kingdom