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The Bentley Pub group Ltd
Ref: 1798
Filed: 30/11/2022

Accused Company:

The Bentley Pub group Ltd

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Company number: gb-11807918

7a Upton Scudamore, Warminster, United Kingdom, BA12 0AE
United Kingdom

Allegation: Unpaid invoice

Value: GBP 6,475.65

Dispute details:

More slippery than an eel going down a greased tube!

Having provided our services at short notice back in 2022, they up'ed and cancelled the contract without reading the termination clause or have any care of the costs incurred. Paid for our services sporadically and told bigger lies than Donald Trump! Having tried on several attempts to reclaim our lost costs, the director has become arrogant, aggressive and foul mouthed. His empty words are testamount on how he treats his suppliers and we have taken the decision to end our contact with him and go striaght to the professionals to aid our cost recovery.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

Spoken and emailed several times, provided contractual proof of the obligations for our service and engaged the services of a debt recovery agency. Next step court with our fabulous solicitor who will be delighted to add their costs to the growing balance outstanding!

Response to accusation (by accused):

The claim is based on a period of around 6 weeks where we used the company for linen. Their customer service was appalling and constantly delivered dirty and unserviceable linen. We tried many times to ask for the correct service and was rebutted with excuses like short of staff etc…… We were paying for an extremely poor service!! So we paid all invoices up to date and these fictional invoices are for cancellation of their contract. They have tried to involve debt recovery people and we have sent pictures of the soiled laundry and they fully understood our issues Very poor service and a right aggressive owner Please stay away from the company, many of my local associates have also received poor service Stay clear

Counter Response (by plaintiff):

We had a FEW issues with 1 premises, we fixed them within the first week of service which is unheard of for other suppliers within our industry. We supplied your premises with high quality linen at very short notice, again, unheard of within this industry. Contracts were signed and terms agreed, including termination period and costs. You failed to pay for our services, failed to return all our hired stock and failed to follow the rules of engagement. More costs WILL be added to this dispute and we are fully prepared to seek FULL recovery of ALL costs in a court of law. Your comment regarding other local businesses is in extremely poor taste. Being finalist of SME laundry of the year in 2021 and 2022, and overall UK winner of small UK laundry 2021 would suggest otherwise. This is on the back of our customers recommendations of our service and quality. I would strongly suggest you re-read the contractual obligations before throwing such accusations, as I find pissing in your own back yard is never attractive for any business, especially one that involves hospitality.


Claire Nicholas

Chippenham , United Kingdom

Squeeky Linen and Laundry Service Ltd