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Ref: 1801
Filed: 30/11/2022

Accused Company:


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Company number: gb-11912812

Providence Cottage, Abberton, Pershore, Worcestershire, United Kingdom, WR10 2NR
United Kingdom

Allegation: Unpaid invoice

Value: GBP 24,356.85

Dispute details:

Unpaid Invoice, Unethical Practices, Copyright Infringement.

The CEO of BROSÉ WINE LTD, hired a design agency to create him a new logo. He told me he was not satisfied with the work and asked me to create him a logo, brand, activation strategy and website. He also asked me to advise him on business strategy, marketing and name for the URL and social media pages.

He provided forecast of sales £34,000 a month from launch. The bottles were to be purchased at £7-12 and sold for £30. The Director / CEO of Brose Wine suggested my payment would be 5% of all profits for life or, if it doesn't go ahead for any reason he will personally pay for my time at my disclosed hourly rate. I spent over 9 months working with him and he said he was so happy with my input he would increase this to 15% of all profits.

After I provided the final artwork the chief executive officer of Brosé Wine started sharing stories of unethical practices with existing colleagues, previous companies, contacts, colleagues and girlfriends that made me concerned.

He then said he didn't want to work with me and didn't want to pay me making up false allegations and various threats to try and intimidate me to prevent me from pursuing my claim.

After asking him to not use my work and clearly stating he does not have my permission to use any of my work, the CEO / Director has used my design for just under 2 years without my permission on printed products, wine bottles, marketing internationally. The CEO has made no formal offer to pay for my time and using my work in over 2 years.

The CEO is claiming he was not happy with my work and yet is using it to sell merchandise, wines and other products internationally.

The CEO of Brose Wine is using my design and intellectual property without my permission breaking national and international copyright laws.

It seems Brosé Wine has now received investment and the CEO / Director of Brose Wine so it seems they not short of money to pay outstanding invoices.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

The CEO of Brose Wines is refusing to negotiate or make any offers to settle

Response to accusation (by accused):

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S Carpenter

LONDON , United Kingdom