MCLEAN CORPORATION LIMITED, Breach of terms Dispute, the Claimant claims that Mclean has been unjustly enriched at the Claimants’ - Disputes Register
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Ref: 1507
Filed: 30/05/2022

Accused Company:


Company number: gb-09149342

167-169 Great Portland Street 5th Floor, London, England, W1W 5PF
United Kingdom

Allegation: Breach of terms

Value: GBP 8,860.30

Dispute details:

breach of contract and/or negligence on the part of the Defendants, the Claimant has suffered loss and damage

the Claimant claims that Mclean has been unjustly enriched at the Claimants’ expense by virtue of receiving the sum of £41,960.50 of which £16,233 represents a surplus to the initial total quotation of £25,727 with in particular the works being left incomplete.
Mclean their employees or agents acted negligently and/or in breach of the
Agreement in that, but not limited to, they:
i) failed to install the bath/shower room toilet to first floor extension;
ii) failed to install electrics within new bathroom and provide certification
iii) failed to connect toilet to soil pipe and/or install any soil pipe or vent pipe
for first floor bathroom extension;
iv) Failed to implement an adequate vertical damp proof course to the
abutment of the extension of the existing walls and to the front door;
v) Failed to install eaves gutters;
vi) Failed to correctly lay new roofing to the first floor extension which would
lead to significant deterioration of the roof in a short timescale;
vi) Failure to comply with Building regulations in failing to complete the above;
vii) Failure to follow the architect’s drawings in that the walls of the extension
are not faced in brick;
viii) Failure to implement step to extended front door entrance;
ix) Failed to render the front of the property;
x) Failure to install front room window;
xi) The renovation works have in general not been carried out with reasonable
care and skill and in particular:
a) The garden’s concrete slabs have been removed and put back in an
uneven manner when connecting the soil pipe to the main sewer;
b) The installed shower is unusable due to being too high;
c) The first floor extension’s roofing was incorrectly laid failing to
appreciate the significant likelihood of deterioration given the
exposed position of the property.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

The Federation of Master Builders dispute procedure does not involve itself with financial disputes

Response to accusation (by accused):

McLean Heritage Homes trading name of McLean Corporation Limited provided an estimation to Mr Murphy and undertook works on our small works rates charging per hour for tradesmen as outlined in our contract. Mr Murphy failed to pay an invoice for works as per our contract. Mr Murphy breached our contract. Works were stopped. Invoices were never paid and tradesmen did not return. Mr Murphy rejected mitigation as contractually agreed by both parties (2nd Breach of Contract by Mr Murphy). Mr Murphy has reported McLean Heritage Homes to Trademark and Federation of Master Builders and other agencies. All allegations were found to have no merit and have been dismissed. Mr Murphy launched a claim against McLean Heritage Homes (Mclean Corporation Limited) to pay for the remaining works he needed to complete his renovation and extension via small claims court. McLean Corporation LTD is suing Mr Murphy for unpaid invoices and costs for approximately £4,900. Court Hearing will take place in 2022 and judgement will be made. Mr Murphy has recently taken to targeting unrelated 3rd parties that employees are part of unrelated to his case. To discredit and cause loss. This has been reported to the court.


Dr Michael Murphy

Ryde , United Kingdom