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Ref: 2489
Filed: 02/02/2024

Accused Company:


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Company number: gb-12139283
Website: odcontractorsltd.co.uk/

United Kingdom

Allegation: Poor Quality

Value: GBP 17,000.00

Dispute details:

No communication to rectify poor quality work and issues

OD were taken on to complete a garage conversion, renovation of kitchen including fitting of bifold doors, new windows, and patio in the garden. We were quoted 6-8 weeks for the work and the job took 12 months to complete due to the builders not turning up for weeks on end with no communication.
We had issues throughout the 12 months with the standard of work which to quote OD’s advert:

“Quality: We pride ourselves on delivering top notch craftmanship and using the finest materials.”

From the start we had issues and concerns especially when we were left with no back to our house for 3 months and no kitchen and we had to get another contractor in to make sure we had a fitted kitchen for Christmas 2022.

We have had to note things down as we have gone along and sent these via email so a log has been kept on all issues we have had and all the stress and inconvenience that has been caused.

We were patient whilst the work was being completed even though they would not turn up when they said they would and it took 10 months longer than quoted. The Owner even said that had the building regulation guy saw the state our house had been left in they would have been shut down. (We have photos of electrical wires hanging from the ceiling, house left propped up for months awaiting steel to be put in etc)

The owner of the Company would very rarely come to check over the work and he would say he had asked for photos by his team, He wouldn’t answer his phone if you needed to speak to him regarding the work. The only time he seemed to turn up was when we were making payment. On the last instalment we had raised a few issues we still had outstanding and he told us to contact him. We also asked for warranties for the bifold and the windows which he said if there were issues to contact him directly as to which we have tried to do. He has failed to answer the phone to us and the only time he picked up was when we called him from a number which wasn’t connected to ourselves.

Since the final payment In September and the change in weather we have had further issues with the windows where water has been leaking in. He sent one of his team to check as he was “poorly” and couldn’t come. He went away with a list of the issues and was to discuss with the Company owner a plan but another 5 weeks has gone by and the response we get from email is someone will be over to rectify the problems which leaves us with not fit for purpose windows and no one has been so we don’t even know what the plan is. We have asked for the company owner to contact us to talk it through but we have heard nothing.

All we would like is the issues we have to be rectified as outlined below:

Bifold Doors:
- Not sealed and aligned properly
- Rubber is not tight all the way down so draughts coming through
- Gap at the top of the door where seal was removed to make the door close – now can see daylight and draught coming through
- Keys – need key replaced like for like from original that has a guarantee (ABS) They had lost some of the keys for this and again replaced with a £10 lock which is rusting and has no guarantees against them.
- Water underneath silver track
- Condensation on windows
- Water coming through bottom of end Bifold (photo sent)
- Brushes on show outside – Is this correct?
- Brushes underneath the door falling out – were to be replaced but still not done
- Screw on Door handle is loose
- Strip on wall opening down the side of the doors and cracking so can now see inside the wall.
We have asked for a qualified Bifold door fitter to come out and look at the doors and how they have been fitted and to rectify any works that need carrying out to correct them.

Picture Window:
- Condensation – water at the bottom sill on the inside (have sent photos to show condensation and water lying on the sill)

Bedroom Window (daughter):
- Window is not fitted properly – can hear wind around the edge of the frame with gaps.
- Water coming in through the seals on the windowsill.

Bedroom Window (Son):
- Water coming through seal on the windowsill.
- Window lock has fallen out so can’t open the window

Bathroom window (Ensuite):
- Not square – won’t shut properly and has a gap at the left-hand side where can see daylight (photo sent)
- Loads of silicone on the outside trying to fill in a gap

Living room window:
- Water coming through the top near the door where again there is silicone which has filled where it hasn’t fitted properly.

Main bedroom window:
- Lock has fallen out – spoken about this before and a team member has also taken pictures where it has fallen out in my sons.
- Seals are open and draughts coming through.

- Guttering at the back of the house has come loose at the edge of the house
Front door Key:
- Needs replacing like for like from original key.
- The front door key stopped working, they did come and change this lock but they changed it for a £10 lock from screwfix.

All windows:
- Condensation on all windows upstairs – New windows should not have condensation – we should have had like for like windows with trickle vents but we never got these windows. Did mention this especially for bathrooms but nothing was ever done about it.

When you read up on window fitting it states if there is too much caulk or silicone then the windows have not been fitted correctly and this can cause problems, this seems to be the case on all the windows bar the office and utility which were not fitted by one of the members of the team who majority of the time was not in a fit state to be working (This was raised with the Company Owner on a number of occasions).

All we would like is for the owner to talk this through and have the issues resolved.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

We have attempted to contact OD's numerous times and they will not pick up the phone. We have also emailed them and they say someone will be out to resolve the issues but no one has turned up and they haven't even been out to see how they can resolve any of the issues. The last email has not been responded to following them saying someone will be out on a specific date and no one turned up or contacted us to say they wouldn't be coming. This has been ongoing since the last instalment was paid in September 2023.

Response to accusation (by accused):

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S Palmer

Huddersfield , United Kingdom