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Ref: 2166
Filed: 24/05/2023

Accused Company:


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Company number: gb-12233641

Unit A
82 James Carter Road, Mildenhall, Suffolk, IP28 7DE
United Kingdom

Allegation: Unfulfilled contract

Value: GBP 30,000.00

Dispute details:

Incomplete and had to remove the loft en-suite from work and terminate the contract

Company number 12233641

were employed to build a single story extension starting in May 9th 2022 , it is still incomplete in May 2023, the roof leaks and fails building control standards, brick work incomplete, failed to contact building control at correct stages, gaps between roof and walls, , internals not finished.80 percent of all payment made to Esco by end of August. November end I had to make a decision to stop this builder. I could not trust him as we were living in this mess with dust and no room to move even outside with my family . It’s hard to explain but I have got all evidences and proofs to support this
No trades have attended site for 4 months and Esco design and build will not respond to phone calls or emails to fulfil their contract and then he kept on sending one person at a time doing works which are not up to standard . If you ask the London building control they know exactly how Esco is doing building work which I had to go through and had to terminate the contract as we where living in a open place where it was not secure to leave with family . I had to go with different builders to complete the work . The building control was also included in the contract but Esco did not pay a single penny or inform them at the right stages . I had to pay the structural engineer and the building control money as he did not pay them as well . I paid building control 950 to get the certificate and that too I could not finish the loft work which I had to take it off because I did not have money to do that . I had to use the rest of the money to finish the mess Esco built and design has made . This has been informed to HSE and a warning was also given to Esco still no difference . Even I went to trading standards as well as Trafford building control where even they told to leave the house as it’s not safe. This type of builders should never be allowed to carry on any work . The loss me and my family had is unexplainable.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

Only one thing I have to say is I need the money to do the loft which was included in the contract which now I have to re apply to the council .

Response to accusation (by accused):

Addressing the above information provided by the Client I would like to reiterate that there are many pieces of false or misleading information in the above statement. The project was started May 2022 and after liaising with building control, after digging foundations, it was decided by LBC that the foundation needed to be piled. As this would increase the price for the client, a meeting was arranged where ESCO offered to help the client by discounting over £2000 from the price of the project, to help them afford the piling of the foundation. From here the project ran smoothly and there were absolutely no issues with building control or the client. Then, we were unfortunately stopped for a span of 2/3 weeks whilst waiting for a delivery of 90mm insulation for the walls. This is covered under the contract clause of Force Majeure which had been repeatedly explained to the client. In addition to the above, I personally, along with several members of my staff started to receive abusive/religious messages at early and late hours of the day ranging from 6:45am to 11:40pm. These have all been stored and logged for evidence purposes. The build continued without incident but then the client approached a member of my staff directly to arrange a kitchen installation. After this I then received harassment regarding the installation of the kitchen when it wasn’t ESCO’s responsibility or part of contracted works. The heating system was originally agreed to fit a new boiler and 2 new radiators. The client then changed his mind halfway through and decided he wanted electric underfloor heating, This entailed reviewing the price of the works. When presented with the revised price for the heating, he was shocked and proceeded to argue that it should be included in the original price of the project. The product in question was over £5000 pounds extra. (This was also a discounted price courtesy of ESCO). From there, he changed his mind once more, deciding on skirting board heating with a third party company not affiliated with ESCO. The client then proceeded to request ESCO to carry out more works on the heating system which we refused to carry out.l At the beginning of the project ESCO, as a gesture of good will, offered to fit the laminate flooring for free if it was purchased by the client. However, the client then decided on 1200mm tiles for the downstairs and expected ESCO to fit them for free which we could not facilitate. When this was explained to the client he became more irate and more abusive messages were received on several occasions. From this breakdown in understanding and communication the client decided to terminate the contract. ESCO at no point refused to complete the works and even offered to carry on after all the abusive and false claims in messages were received. The client has paid for what was carried out and after ESCO drew up the final account it transpired the client actually owed ESCO a certain amount of money. ESCO decided not to pursue this. I contacted the HSE following the complaint by the client with regards to the dust. The outcome was that all measures to be taken had been undertaken and that the complaints about cables being exposed were clarified to be cables that were safe and/or disconnected. At no time has ESCO been issued with a warning or fine. This can be verified with the HSE. As a result of the harassment and abusive messages to certain staff that worked on the project, they refused to return to site. ESCO was then left with trying to source further tradesmen to complete the project. However the client decided to terminate the contract as stated above. All messages sent/replied to/from myself and my staff are available as evidence in this case.


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