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360 Build Solutions Ltd
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Filed: 24/09/2023

Accused Company:

360 Build Solutions Ltd

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Company number: gb-12246647

First Floor,Cervantes House, 5-9 Headstone Road, Harrow, Middlesex, England, HA1 1PD
United Kingdom

Allegation: Other

Value: N/A

Dispute details:

Delays in completion, Quality of Work issues, Changes to scope of work and Extremely pool Communication


A ground floor rear extension for kitchen/diner was estimated to take 6 weeks starting on 11 April. After the 7th week the 360 left the site and moved to another job taking all tools and gates except 2. At this point the property was still a building site and myself and family confined to the sitting room. We had no kitchen or washing facilities which was very difficult to manage with a 5-year-old. Getting any works completed after this was slow and my calls and text messages were ignored and sometimes rejected. 10 weeks later on 2nd August I did finally get a semi working kitchen. It remains incomplete a further 7 weeks later on 24 September.


On 20 September the extension of 20 September 2023 I was startled by the heat alarm. To my surprise water was leaking out of it with the alarm sounding. I had to disconnect the mains and then the alarm as I didn’t know if there was any risk to my family or of tripping the electrics. I notified the Builder who did not investigate or take any responsibility and the leak remains. There was a woeful attempt to deflect responsibility by asking a question and then radio silence. The leak still remains and presumably will be causing damage.

Changes to Scope of Work:

There is "a retaining wall" that I did not want, but has been left. It has been commented that this wall is not part of the scope of work. Yet is a wall remaining from my old garage which is part of the scope of work as it had to be demolished to make way for the extension. In addition, there is an issue around the way in which I have been charged for the demolition of the garage as it was not what I was agreeing to or verbally accepting; that to one side, part of the garage remains and is most certainly in the scope of work and my emails on this matter have been ignored.
I am unsure what other changes there may have been, but we have a number of. Building Control issues that are not resolved and all emails on this matter ignored.


This was abysmal and it felt like emails were written by a different person than who I was speaking to. What was said in conversation was not reflected in email correspondence. Looking back this began on day 1 as the price verbally discussed was different to that in the contract which I queried, but was never responded to. On other occasions emails were picked apart and every point was specifically addressed in what felt like an attempt at deflection of responsibility to us for delays and any issues.
Overall I would summarise the communication style as dishonest, aggressive and passive aggressive. When we had no work going on at the property I would text and call multiple times a day and was ignored!
At first I attempted to not get engaged in back and forth email exchanges when emails assuming a conversation would be a more likely way to get things resolved. Emails however, continued to deflect blame to me or went unanswered when questions and points were made more directly. Now I am sending emails with no response with regard to timelines, outstanding issues that require completion, outstanding building control issues, the fact that the extension is leaking. Etc.
There was an inability to work with contractors that were not linked to 360 and a clear aggression shown towards someone we employed for worktops. At one point making my wife feel very uncomfortable in our own home while the other contractor managed to be the better man, defusing the situation.

At present I have been emailing for responses on Building Control and an adequate resolution to a retaining wall I did not want since mid to late July. The responses that have been received have addressed other issues in a limited way but otherwise have been ignored.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

Emails that are generally ignored and if responded to are not adequetly. One meeting to progress with some of the internal works.

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Mark Ruddy

Bushey , United Kingdom