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Ref: 1349
Filed: 25/10/2021

Allegation: Unfulfilled contract

Accused Company:

Company number: gb-12375869

6-8 Revenge Road, Suite 2028, Chatham, Kent, England, ME5 8UD
United Kingdom

Value: GBP 22,000.00

Dispute details:

Company abandoned building work and left house in ruins

Dear owner of Elite Groups,

Please take this letter as formal communication to let you know that we are ending our contract, signed on 09th August 2021 with the proposed commencement date to be 23/08/2021, and the proposed completion date: 12/11/2021.

Because we have not been able to establish any type of contact with you since 15/10/2021, and you or any of your known crew members have been to the house located on 28, St Peter Street, Rochester, ME1 2DD since 15/09/2021, we have concluded that you have abandoned the job completely, therefore, breaching our contract in accordance to Chapter 7, Clause 7.3 “The Contractor will give the Client notice of his intention to hand over the Works on completion and will give the Client the opportunity to inspect the Works before handover. The Contractor will then confirm the Completion Date to the Client.”
Our professional relationship and trust are broken beyond repair. We believe we gave you all enough opportunities to put things right and behave with professionalism and honesty. We left countless messages in your voicemail. We tried to reach you countless times. All these claims are backed up by calls, message as well as email logs.

Removing the obvious emotional damage, and impact on our mental health, we can easily say that your actions and behavior have caused a huge financial burden to our life, as well as putting on hold a project that has been carefully planned for years. You took away from us nearly 50% of our total project budget. Moreover, we have been paying weekly rent and storage facilities, totalizing £364.00 per week that was not budgeted beyond 03/10/2021, the date we were supposed to go back to our home. As of the day of writing this letter, the costs totalize £1456.00. We are homeless, we are unable to go back to our house. There is no running water, no electricity, no central heating, no gas or central heating, no ceilings, no floors, and half of the roof is exposed to the elements. Moreover, our garden is a health and safety war due to the amount of demolition rubbish you left in there. Literally, putting in plain English, you destroyed our house.

We want to avoid taking this matter to court, or even reporting the case to the police on fraud grounds. Hence, we are asking you to try to put this right by settling this dispute amicably by agreeing to the following conditions:

1) To repay the costs of changing the locks to our property, £95.00
2) To repay the costs to clean up our garden to remove all the rubbish you accumulated in there, £650.00
3) We demand a full refund of the money already paid to you, £22000.00:

Date Description Amount Bank
09/08/2021 First payment to Elite Builders (Contract Signed) £5,000.00 NatWest
27/08/2021 Second payment to Elite Builders £7,500.00 NatWest
02/09/2021 Third payment to Elite Builders £4,500.00 NatWest
15/09/2021 Fourth payment to Elite Builders £5,000.00 NatWest

• If you produce/delivery to us the beans, as listed by the structural engineer drawings, the windows for the house (lateral, kitchen and ceiling ones), plus the kitchen door, then we can accept a reduction of the amount as quoted in the original document we signed (£5000.00)

If we do not hear from you in the next 24 hours, we will be taking legal action and reporting you and your associates to the relevant authorities.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

Emails, texts, voicemails. all logged an recorded

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Laureano Marques

Rochester , United Kingdom