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Ref: 2129
Filed: 04/05/2023

Accused Company:


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Company number: gb-12393542

28 Comyns Road, Dagenham, RM9 6PB
United Kingdom

Allegation: Unfulfilled contract

Value: GBP 5,425.00

Dispute details:

Builder Brothers has not returned to complete a job 6 months after starting and has not refunded payment

I hired Builder Brothers to renovate my bathroom, tear down an interior wall, place new flooring in 2 rooms, some interior painting and install a small shower room in a garden house before I moved into the property. The director said this was possible in the timeframe I needed it done, provided a quote and I accepted. Works started quickly and the majority (inside the house) was finished before we moved into the property but there were a few things missing such as installation of the tub, toilet and mirror as well as connections between the new flooring. At this point, the Director said the workers needed some time off but could I pay him the final amount to pay his workers as well as a deposit for the small shower room so that he could start purchasing the materials. He said they would be back the following week to finish up. We had a good relationship from the start, he was very responsive and provided all information on time so I did not see this as a problem and paid him the remainder for inside the house plus the deposit for the garden house.

The following week came and went and it was almost Christmas so his workers went on holiday. In January, I heard from the director that they would be back again the following week. That week also came and went. This went on for months. The director would message to say they are coming, they are on their way, they will be there in 47 minutes, but to this day they have not been back to finish installations. I have asked the director to refund me the deposit for the garden house as nothing on the quote he provided was ever ordered as well as an amount for the outstanding items left to complete inside the house. After giving him many chances to redeem himself, I could no longer wait so requested the refund to be paid within 5 working days. He agreed to the refund amount for the garden house but not for the outstanding work inside the house so I requested he provide a quote for what that work would cost. I have still not received that quote and the deadline for payment was yesterday. I have not yet received the refund.

I warn the public not to use the services of Builder Brothers. The director is very good at promising and not delivering.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

I have been in contact with the Director through emails and Whatsapp and my phone calls have mostly all been ignored. I have tried multiple times over the past 6 months to have them finish the work and have asked for a refund on the works twice. I have been promised over and over that they would be coming to finish. The director then agreed to a refund once I could no longer put off the outstanding work.

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Kamala Murugesu

London , United Kingdom