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Ref: 2365
Filed: 04/10/2023

Accused Company:


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Company number: gb-12393542

28 Comyns Road, Dagenham, RM9 6PB
United Kingdom

Allegation: Non performance of Services

Value: GBP 11,241.60

Dispute details:

Money advanced to purchase materials has not been returned, despite no work being performed

This saga originally started back in June this year. The company was recommended to me by a friend, when I had mentioned that I was looking for someone to fit some decking and fencing in our garden. After initial contact via e-mail the owner visited and we agree the plan of works quickly. (Suspiciously quickly with hindsight.) We agreed a start date and I made an advance payment for materials.

Below is a chronological outline of what followed. The text in speech marks are direct quotes from the owner:
- A start date of 26/6 was agreed.
- Mon 26/6: No one turned up, so I reached out to ask if they were starting this week.
- Mon 26/6 (3pm): "We are coming in this week definitely".
- Mon 26/6 (5pm): Apparently some rotten wood had been discovered on another job and this would delay our project. (He even sent me photos of rotten wood!)
- Thu 29/6:"We are finishing tomorrow all the work at my other client and coming to your place on Monday."
- Mon 3/7 7am: "We are gathering all tools plus materials and we should be in around 11."
- Mon 3/7 2pm: "We have today massive problem with lorry and crane and stuck on the yard to load materials."
- Tue 4/7: Nothing more from the owner so we chased him.
- Tue 4/7 8am: "Call you back in 30 min." He didn't call.
- Tue 4/7 2pm: "Please forgive me such a big delay we have some accident with the crane when we load materials we need one more day to sort it out definitely around 8pm."
- Wed 5/7 9am: "I hope you are doing well for 10000000% precent we are coming with 4 people on Monday 8am !!!!"
- Wed 5/7 9am: "Around 5 you will get programme of works."
- Sun 9/7: Needless to say we did not receive a program of works, so reached out the day before the next scheduled start date.
- Mon 10/7 - No appearance from Krzysztof. He messaged to say he would call tomorrow. Unsurprisingly he didn't call.
- Wed 12/7: "I am deeply sorry for my unforgivable behaviour tonight I will call you tomorrow morning at the latest I am sorry again for you and Kathryn I will definitely call and explain everything I am asking for forgiveness. Over next couple of days we will start your work for 1milion %."
- Thu 13/7: "I would like to 100% assure you that we are on Tuesday morning at 8 am with 4 of my employees we start."
- Wed 19/7: He didn't turn up so I informed him that I was pulling the plug on the project and would like a refund.
- After a call from the owner, pleading for patience, we agreed to continue. Regrettably so.
- 2/8: "We start work at 7th 9am."
- 6/8: "At night I will send the entire action plan for the next week including deliveries and all agreed work including hours."
- 7/8: We were provided with a work plan for work to start the next day.
- 9/8: No one turned and no scheduled deliveries arrived, so we tried various ways to contact the owner. We told him, again, that we were pulling the plug.
- 10/8: "I'm flying back from Poland tomorrow morning because of funeral. I'll respond tomorrow morning."
- 14/8: "I just get back from my mom funeral I was dealing plenty of things sorry about all situation we definitely can start at the end of this week if you don’t want to wait any longer please send me the bank details I`ll resend you the money in 3 to 4 working days."
- Told him we'd had enough and asked for our money to be returned.

Looking back at this it seems crazy that we let it go on so long. The principal reason for this was that the owner had been recommended. Additionally, we were giving him the benefit of the doubt and it's only with hindsight that you realise he's a pathological liar. My own opinion is that his business is in a mess and the money we provided was needed to fund debts or payments, but he has not been able to find any suckers to provide our refund.

At no point has he disputed we are due the money. It is clear that no materials were ever ordered and no skip ordered, so there was never any intention to start out project.

We are awaiting repayment, but this is a brief outline of the owners communications regarding the refund:
- Fri 15th Sept: He told me he was receiving £21,500 the following Monday and would pay me then.
- Mon 18th Sept: He said he was just invoicing a client for £11k and would pay me when this invoice was paid.
- Thu 21st Sept: Apparently his client is paying him within 2 days and I would subsequently receive my money.
- Fri 22nd Sept: A snag list was just being completed and money will be paid on as soon as it is received from the client.
- Mon 2nd October: I would receive £2,000 by 10pm and a further £2,000 on Thursday. (Everything would be explained in an email!)
-Tue 3rd October (9am): In 3 hours he was going to the bank with cash.

It's almost comical how easily the lies flow from the owner.

I don't expect this to prompt a refund, so am pursuing him through the small claims court. My intention through raising this dispute is to ensure that others do not get suckered in to dealing with this business.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

I have had extensive contact with the owner via WhatsApp, text and email. Calls are rarer, as Krzysztof seems to avoid calls, despite being able to message (sometimes at the same time as I am calling him).

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Neil Roberts

London , United Kingdom