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Ref: 1454
Filed: 03/05/2022

Accused Company:


Company number: gb-12519257

8 Garner Lane, Earls Barton, Northampton, England, NN6 0JX
United Kingdom

Allegation: Non performance of Services

Value: GBP 16,000.00

Dispute details:

Non- compliance workmanship, unfulfilled contract

DH facilities services ltd, took over of the build of our 2 story extension, from about 13 courses of brickwork, they got up to wall plate level, with a couple of rafters and ridge in place, building control, advised that the roof appears to be under engineered, and that it did not pass the requirements.90% of the materials for brickwork, was already on site, and paid by owners. From the first week in February when building work started by DH facilities services ltd, until 8th April, which is 10 weeks, the contract stated 6-8 weeks. They only worked for 2 weeks, then it ground to a halt, with no materials, no workforce, lies, and broken promises, and when we started to question everything, and asked for part of our 30,000 back, for a couple of weeks, then he got very aggressive, and threatening to both owners, who look after 2 vulnerable adults permanently in their home, and was impacting them also.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

Endless texts asking where builders are, that were not happy with the non existent building work.
Email stating our concerns on the 8/04/22,DH facilities services ltd wanted to meet once the spoke to building control and calculated the costs they wanted to sit down and tie up loose ends.r
We emailed DH facilities on 24/04/22, and sent the report from building control, asking if they had rang building control, and also a surveyor to come out to site, and when they were planning to do this. We said we would meet the directors wife to tie up loose ends, but wouldn’t feel comfortable with director, as he was very aggressive, and threatening.we haven’t heard since

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Amanda Wills

Northampton , United Kingdom