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Ref: 1447
Filed: 23/04/2022

Accused Company:


Company number: gb-12609210

4 Greenside, Dagenham, England, RM8 1YB
United Kingdom

Allegation: Poor Quality

Value: GBP 7,000.00

Dispute details:

Poor quality of service and faulty installation

Iman Construction / Assa Limited appointed to make loft at 86 Overton Drive in Oct 2021 with agreement saying job should finish in 8-10 weeks so ideally by December and he started work as per plan in Oct, but never finish job until 5 April 2022 so delayed by more than 3 months and the job quality is really poor having so many flaws like
1) Velux window is not fitted correctly and causing window cannot fit in square hence we are unable to close the window.
2) Bathroom tiles are not installed correctly resulting tiles are completely uneven. I’ve thousand pound spend to buy tiles but it’s waste now
3) Skimming quality is so poor and have started seeing cracks and holes in ceiling
4) he is unable to attend and address questions raised by building inspector from council
5) first floor bathroom’s tiles are damaged by his labour and he don’t want to fix it
6) lots of rubbish kept at my driveway and conservatory, which he supposed to clean as per agreement signed but he is simply ignoring all my requests.

I have paid him full prices as per our agreement without any delays. I trust him he will address and fix the issues I have been telling him but he stopped taking my calls after 5 Apr 2022.

Me and my wife going through trauma and we have spent hard earned money but above issues and it’s resolutions needed another 7000£ to fix and address. I would like to understand how can I recover 7000£ dispute charges from him to fix current issues

Attempts to resolve dispute:

Called 10-12 times in a day since last 2 weeks with no luck. Several messages are sent

Response to accusation (by accused):

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London , United Kingdom