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Ref: 2431
Filed: 02/12/2023

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Company number: gb-12998283

United Kingdom

Allegation: Poor Quality

Value: GBP 10,000.00

Dispute details:

Poor quality of work and unfinhed work

Despite my repeated attempts to reach out to you, I have not received any response or acknowledgement of the issues that urgently need your attention.
Per our agreement, you were entrusted with completing the construction work at my property, which included unfinished tasks and the refurbishment of the cellar. However, the work remains incomplete, and the cellar has a significant problem that requires immediate remediation. Green mould has started to appear in the cellar, indicating substandard construction and posing a health risk. I have sent you a comprehensive list of incomplete work.
I want to stress that I have already made full payment for the project, and it is within my rights to ex-pect that the work be completed to the agreed-upon standards. My attempts to contact you over the past few weeks have gone unanswered, and this lack of communication is unprofessional and frustrat-ing.
Green health-hazardous mould appearing on the surface of the floor board.
Backfall on the newly installed pipe.
The T-pipe was improperly installed in the wrong orientation and a tapping
saddle was not utilized.
Removed curtains but haven’t put them back.
Paid to put a spotlight, but not been installed.
The sump pump was not cleaned, and the floor was glued onto the cold concrete.
Sump put lid cut rough.
Did not box out the two pipes as promised.
Uneven and poorly levelled floor everywhere.
The cellar door is not closing properly, causing the floor to scrape.
The door lock remains obstructed.
The cellar steps are uneven, and you said you will level this up.
The bathroom shelves and mirror have not been installed.
The downstairs toilet heater has not been installed.
Although the kitchen floor was replaced, the underfloor heating system is no longer operational.

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Manimaran Murugesapillai

Northampton , United Kingdom