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Ref: 1761
Filed: 14/11/2022

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Company number: gb-13018714

68 Rodney Street, Liverpool, L1 9AF
United Kingdom

Allegation: Unpaid invoice

Value: GBP 6,400.00

Dispute details:

Kitchen Love Serial Non Payers of Commercial Debts

I was engaged on a consultancy basis to lead the turnaround of a business that had (at the time of engagement) an inadequate statutory structure, weak financial controls, lack of Health and Safety compliance, not operating a workplace pension scheme (which is unlawful) and non-existent HR procedures. Kitchen Love was falsely using the Investors in People branding and logos on staff uniforms, shop signs, company literature, stationary and emails. I was given "Carte blanche" by the acting managing director, who I now know has a track record of failed businesses leaving many unpaid creditors including individuals and organisations and HMRC etc. The MD also has numerous unpaid CCJs against him. His son 'fronts' the company.

On presentation of my invoices (which were all supported by accurate time logs) The MD refused to pay. He fabricated performance related reasons as justification for for non-payment. I now know this is a tactic he has used many times in the past and is currently using with an ex employee he owes £8.5k in unpaid remuneration. As I understand it the ex-employee concerned has also registered Kitchen Love's unwillingness to pay on The Business Dispute Register.

I also had personal experience of the company - see Trust Pilot review below

BUYER BEWARE (Without prejudice). The following information was gained AFTER we had ordered our kitchen and paid 98% of the invoice. Kitchen Love Ltd is being “fronted’ at Companies House by a sole Director, the Son of the MD, who calls himself “Managing Director”. The MD has has a dreadful record of not paying his debts and leaving many people and organisations out of pocket financially. He dissolved his previous company Kitchen Kraft leaving huge debts to individuals and organisations.

The “Investors in People” logos displayed on uniforms and vehicles are bogus. The company has not achieved accreditation with IP. The company has a ONE STAR rating on Trust pilot. The reviews on Google are NOT VERIFIED. The reviews on are disturbing – and again ONE STAR.

The kitchen was fitted satisfactorily and per our expectation. The quality of materials used in the manufacturing of the units, doors and worktops is good. The overall process was efficient up to the point when we had paid 98% of the overall amount payable. The preparation phase was poorly executed –No schedule of works was issued despite asking three times.

During preparation, no consideration was given to our wider open plan living space other than some inadequate polythene sheeting and a floor covering that we had to replace ourselves following completion of the plastering due to the debris and building residue hadn’t been cleared. Our existing oven (that was to be refitted) was left outside in the rain. Throughout the installation process there was a highly visible and audible dispute between the MD and the fitter which we became embroiled in. The fitter Neil was excellent and his attention to detail was outstanding. The MD’s approach to Neil can only be described as dictatorial and unreasonable.

Pre installation, the surveyor who came told us our existing Franke multi-function tap could be re-fitted. This proved to be incorrect. Our existing tap levers were taken away to be modified and never returned. When we asked for a solution, no alternatives were offered. At this point, phone calls to the outsourced call centre remain unreturned.

We eventually found our own solution by contacting Franke who provided a workaround, via alternative parts, immediately. We paid for the new parts and re-fitting of the tap at our own expense. We therefore withheld the completion balance of 2% to pay for the tap parts and reinstallation.

Following this we received threats from the MD who cited “ownership of goods” and the guarantee being invalidated unless we paid the completion balance. He also threatened legal action against us regarding "slanderous" reviews on social media.

If you are reading this review – make your own mind up but based on our experience and what we now know; would we use this company again? The answer is a definite “NO CHANCE” and we would warn others to avoid at all costs.

nb All material facts in this review can be corroborated and verified with the organisations and individuals mentioned.
Date of experience: 28 September 2022

Attempts to resolve dispute:

Text messages, Emails, Engagement of Debt recovery

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Richard McGarvey

United Kingdom