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Ref: 1668
Filed: 01/10/2022

Accused Company:


Company number: gb-13113284

25 Mount Pleasant, Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom, LS10 3TB
United Kingdom

Allegation: Non performance of Services

Value: GBP 1,000.00

Dispute details:

Waste left on site and poor quality of flooring installation

Renovation works were carried out at our property. On the final day of works 22-4-22 the company we used left an overflowing skip and excess waste in the front, side and back gardens. We were promised the waste would be removed that weekend and as a result we settled the final balance. After messaging the company and being promised the waste would be collected up to the 15-6-22 we raised another issue regarding the installation quality of the kitchen floor. The company’s response to this was to refuse to visit and assess the issue but insist the floor was fine and any issues must be due to the way we had cleaned the floor. The company’s stance on the waste they had left also changed to one of that the waste was our problem and we should use our bins to clear the waste. This was unacceptable to us as the waste was too large for this and consisted of internal doors, waste pipes, bricks and a variety of other building waste.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

Various contact made via WhatsApp with the proprietor of the company promising to clear the waste but being unable to do so for a variety of reasons between completion on the 22-4-22 through to the 15-6-22.

Formal letter of complaint sent via email on the 29-6-22, followed by WhatsApp message informing the proprietor of the email and a reply stating they would read the email and reply in due course. No reply was ever received. Second letter of complaint sent 25-8-22 outlining the issues again and requesting a response in two weeks. Again no response has been received.

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Doncaster , United Kingdom