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Ref: 2545
Filed: 28/03/2024

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Company number: gb-13217769

United Kingdom

Allegation: Unethical practices

Value: GBP 5,500.00

Dispute details:

dubious costs applied, refund not offered and works in lieu of refund not completed

Builder should have checked the foundations before we started but didn't check them until building control and buildover agreement with the water company was in place, 11 weeks later. The cost of redoing the foundations would have increased the cost of the job by 33% and I could not afford it, so at that point we could not build the building.
The builder agreed that he had made an error but refused to reimburse me, instead suggesting that he would spend the money left in the budget to make good and make improvements outside the house including patio, fencing, painting, new window to the kitchen and making safe including new manhole cover, moving soil pipe and making it usable inside, including adjustments in the kitchen to accommodate a washing machine (urgently). We had a meeting and there were lots of dubious costs on his computer, totalling over £3000 but as he promised to do all this work until I was happy even if it was at a loss on paper (and if he took these dubious costs out there was quite a lot left to cover the work) I agreed. In person he is always friendly and seems like he wants to do his best, but sometimes he is difficult to get hold of.
Over a couple of months he started have problems getting tradespeople to work for him, delay after delay. Then he said he was hacked which affected emails for over a month. Then he started sending me quotes letting me know what the costs would be, but in person was saying he would still cover all the labour costs. Then he changed his mind and said he would only do the soil pipe and the manhole cover and I would need to pay for everything else.
In the end the site was finally cleared after 5 months (almost), a washing machine and new sink fitted and a soil pipe was fixed (soil pipe still on my drive though) but he would do nothing else without me paying for all the materials and the labour. At the moment the back of the house is insecure with no fence, and a window and door that need replacing, no patio, unpainted, with an exposed stopcock (trip hazard) and an unfixed manhole cover and no way forward.
I have paid him over £10,000 and I believe there are legitimate costs of £3600 - basically to cover the cost of demolition and clearance, plumbing, electrics and soil pipe.
The figure of £5,500 allows him some profit but does not cover all the dubious costs he put against the job. It does not take into account the extra expenses I had of over £3000 - unnecessary building applications £1700 - kitchen £1300 plus the inconvenience and the delays. If I need to go to small claims court I will be asking for those to be taken into account as well.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

Meeting in January to discuss what to do next - disputed some costs. Numerous discussions about costs and plans. Meeting in March after he was refusing to do further works without additional payment, after I sent him emails asking for up to date details costs (not response) and asking him to have a discussion about way forward, which jobs we could do within budget considering the items that should not be there and finally a refund request - 2 weeks deadline will be next Friday 4 April.

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Vanessa Lydon

Oxted , United Kingdom