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Ref: 1381
Filed: 22/01/2022

Allegation: Non performance of Services

Accused Company:

Company number: gb-13218277

110 Hawbush Road, Brierley Hill, England, DY5 3NE
United Kingdom

Value: GBP 3,245.11

Dispute details:

Deposit for martials for work , materials never arrived

Banners Landscaping & Groundworks, quoted for work to be carried out in my garden, I was given a quote and was asked to pay a deposit of 3 thousand pounds for materials, I was told the work would be completed within a week. The start date was 2/8/2021 Banners did not turn up till 5/8/2021, over 11 days he only worked 15 half hrs in total no materials turned up, he came up with silly excuses, apologies, only a small amount of work was done. There was very little communication. I asked him to leave the site and
return my money and I would pay him for what work he had done.
He promised on several occasions to return my money waited to collect his tools from the site and when I let him collect them he said I am not paying you a penny and don't message me anymore.
He did not show up on 5 occasions there was no communication from Banners. On one occasion he turned up at 9.30 am and left for the day at 11.44 am.
He told me that he had ordered materials from Selco, I went to the store and they told me he had not placed any orders since 12th May 2021 in any of the Selco branches.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

6, Telephone, text message, posted a letter to his address, had no response from the company, I have been totally ignored. I have camera evidence of the date and times he attended the site.

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Marina Reynolds

West Midlands DY6 8BT , United Kingdom