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Ref: 1555
Filed: 08/07/2022

Accused Company:


Company number: gb-13278188

1 Linden Rise, Keighley, England, BD21 4TN
United Kingdom

Allegation: Cost dispute / Over-charge

Value: GBP 9,000.00

Dispute details:

Overcharge of invoice to estimate and work not carried out

The builder has invoiced an amount which I have disputed in which although some work was added some work was removed from the original estimate of works. The additional work was less cost than the work removed and also the estimate include VAT which was only charged on the last disputed invoice
1. Vat not charged on previous invoices £5776.92

2. No open to staircase £2500.00

3. No skylight to existing roof £2000.00

Total £10276.92
I have reluctantly paid all but £9k of the disputed final £31k invoice -this is more than the amount detailed above which I have disputed and tried to reach an agreement on.
The builder has still not carried out work to enable The Building Inspector sign-off despite being present with the building inspector when he created the outstanding work.
I have requested a Breakdown of costs several times to no avail.
We have been extremely patient with the builder.
We have had to micro-manage his staff for him.
We have repeatedly had to chase work completion and a 3 to 4 month project is still not complete.
The work was never inspected or progress chased other than by my wife, who regularly had to chase the builder's tradesman to attend the work and pursue completion.
The disputed invoice was delivered without any consultation and as detailed earlier was far from consistent with the estimate and before any completion or sign -off
The builder has still not offred any cost breakdown of justification of the disputed amount.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

I have emailed the Builder several times. I have detailed the basis for the dispute.
Emails requesting his breakdown of costs have only been ignored or given detail of work with no values.
I have reluctantly paid 22k of the final £31k.
I paid an initial 10k and offered to pay the next 10k payment when he sent me a breakdown of costs.
I have paid a further 12k which despite still having not received a breakdown. I offered originally that he would receive a further payment if he could show the breakdown of costs but as per my breakdown above could never be the £31 k requested.
There are still outstanding jobs from the list compiled by the Building Inspector -who we had to request -the builder seems to have had no intention to get sign-off.
The work is only a 2 story extension and was supposed to start in July 2021 eventually began in September and still has work outstanding.- we have been extremely accommodating and patient.
Many of the delays were caused by the builder's tradesman not turning up.
Mr Gray has never properly checked the work his tradesman/sub-contractors have carried out or gone through works properly with my wife who has largely managed the project.
My wife invited the builder to discuss the invoice and walk through the costs but he was ill or unavailable and has made to effort to go through it -he claims meeting with the building Inspector was sufficient.
Work remains outstanding of 1st fix work as per Building Inspector and what the builder claims as 2nd fix needs to be replaced due to poorly laid screed over underfloor heating mats have had to be taken back up.
The builder claims this is 2nd fix work and not his responsibility, even though it was the builder's electrician and the builder helped with some of the removal of the screed floor.
We have throughout this been extremely patient with time wasted on his men not turning up. Throughout, my wife has supported with the management of his tradesmen and suffering canceled appointments to be at home for these tradesmen for them to then not show up.
We have given the builder every opportunity to talk through this and my wife's involvement on a regular basis of having to speak to him and his trademen demonstrates how open to communication my wife has been but he has not taken any opportunity to discuss the disputed costs.
The builder has offered no breakdown of costs, not offered any face-to-face meeting to discuss or any counter offer of charges. He has declined a meeting with my wife and ignored the several requests for breakdown of charges, as outlined above

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Darren Peter Outlaw

Bradford , United Kingdom