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Ref: 1328
Filed: 14/07/2021

Allegation: Unpaid invoice

Accused Company:

Company number: gb-13424168

47-49 New Hall Lane, Preston, United Kingdom, PR1 5NY
United Kingdom

Value: GBP 1,905.00

Dispute details:

Unpaid invoice for works completed

M1 Piccadilly Ltd requested
PM support to assist with
design team to get a development project
into the planning application. Wanted
assistance and was happy to pay daywork basis
for R&M to shadow design team, interact and
support where able. M1 couldn't provide a
brief only see where there are gaps and help
if possible to ensure validation reports
required by MCC for a planning submission are
provided by the team by the due date. M1
asked that two reports are known as CMP and
The Cost plan is compiled as cheaply and as
quickly as possible with limited information
that might be required. M1 Adamant on
many talks that cost and time to be at a
minimum. R&M provided service but not paid

Attempts to resolve dispute:

Gentle email reminder, talks on the phone, multiple whatts app requests, and finally 7 day payment reminder

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Counter Response (by plaintiff):

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Plaintiff Company:


Company number: gb-10834347