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Ref: 1502
Filed: 26/05/2022

Accused Company:


Company number: gb-13502031

15 Fladgate Road, London, England, E11 1LX
United Kingdom

Allegation: Unfulfilled contract

Value: GBP 16,000.00

Dispute details:

Unfulfilled Contract- Overcharged and not refunded.

Build right contractors UK Ltd took over my internal garage conversion into a room. The contractors agreed to use private building control instead of Council building control.
Total cost for this project was £16,000.
Demanded to pay £4,000 as deposits for the drawing and registering with private building control as per company policy. Once work started (03/03/2022), the scheduled weekly work was not completed, saying it would be added onto the next week but took the weekly payments (£3,000) regularly.
The building contractors left my internal garage inhabitable and the roof was left open, following a short spell of renovation work being carried out then ceased the work completely, the owner of the business claimed that he went a business trip and got infected with Covid.
I made many phone calls, text messages and emails, the business owner had given promises such as the project (110%) would be completed by the next week. They also failed to give details of private building control. After several weeks of inquiring about this, he finally told me it was a ‘general mistake’ that he had to register initially with the building control, he thought taking pictures were sufficient enough to get a certificate from the private building control at the end.
At this stage I had paid £13,500.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

Several phone calls, emails and text messages were made to restart my project. However, no proper response came from the contractors to complete my project.
Eventually I decided to approach the Council building control and another builder to take over this project to complete. As per other builder and council building control, none of his work had met the building regulation.

The Council charged me £483 for building control inspection and the builder quoted £7,750 Labour costs without materials. So, I requested build right builder to refund at least £6,500 to pay for other builder Labour costs, materials and council building control charges as I over paid to Build right contractors.
After few weeks later, the business owner who started the project, told me that he has another boss, but he away in a business trip. However, he never once informed me that he had a boss above him. He told me he would ask his solicitors to contact me within 8 to 10 days. It has now been about three weeks now and still no one has contacted me yet to discuss about this issue. Now he has completely stopped responding to any of my emails, phone calls or text messages.

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Jeyakumar Balasingham

BRENTWOOD , United Kingdom