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Ref: 2076
Filed: 03/04/2023

Accused Company:


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Company number: gb-13721986

773 Uxbridge Road, Hayes, UB4 8HY
United Kingdom

Allegation: Fraud

Value: GBP 4,000.00

Dispute details:

Fraudulently took my money

Business owner advised us on Friday 31st that financially he is unable to fulfill the terms of our contract.Business owner has not acted in good faith, he has lied and defrauded us.

I will attempt to summarise our list of grievances:

- In December 22, he took £5200 from us to finance 3 velux windows, 3 windows, and 2 composite doors. All windows were to be triple glazing agreed verbally. He supplied an invoice for this and a text message to say, in December that these had been ordered. It has become apparent that this money was not used for the goods that we ordered. He started our job knowing that he had spent our money elsewhere. I am considering contacting the police regarding fraud.

- After starting work he then took a further £5600 from us over a series of weeks. Matt has been paid a total of £10,800. Other work was to complete home insulation.

- Only three velux style windows have been supplied, not triple glazing and missing agreed component parts ( internal restrictor and locking handles on both bedroom windows agreed verbally) for safety reasons I now need to retrofit these. He has defrauded us of the money for the 3 other windows and two doors. He took out the other windows and put them back in, in an attempt to pass these as new.

-he has lied again and again about having our doors and windows in storage. In fact when work started in January 23, he delayed this a week as he hadn't received the windows and doors. When he did start, he informed that our new back door had arrived without the inbuilt cat flap. So we bought a cat flap, that is now redundant as we are not getting our doors. Two weeks ago he confirmed that he did have our doors, but that the glass on the front door had not been frosted, so I bought frosting panels to go on a door that we are not receiving. We've been treated with utter contempt. As of last Thursday he was still saying that he had our doors in storage. This was a lie.

- Any work that has taken place has been at a snail pace, and is in no way reflective of the fact that Matt says that we agreed to move out. We did discuss this, he told me that the work would take 2/3 weeks max, and that they would complete a room at a time and that there was no need to move out. We completely vacated our living room and this still took a week and a half to insulate. Work initially took place for three weeks, where then work came to a halt for weeks leaving us living in a nightmare situation with all living areas in our house disrupted. He lied to us repeatedly about why he was not returning to finish the work- it now appears that the real reason is that he had not spent our money on our products. Work then resumed, with him telling me each week that it would be done by the end of the week. We are now in the forth month of this work.

- We met face to face with him on the 14th of March 23. He told us that the velux windows were in storage. He then later showed my husband an invoice showing that these were ordered in on the 16th of March. This is further evidence of the systemic and relentless nature of his lying.

- He knew that we had a disabled child when we asked him to quote and that any work done needed to factor this in. He reassured us that he understood this. It has been horrendous for our child, whos routine and home stability has been shot to pieces.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

Multiple phone calls, meetings, emails, letter being sent recorded delivery tomorrow.

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Rebecca Lofthouse

United Kingdom