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Ref: 1945
Filed: 27/01/2023

Accused Company:


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Company number: gb-13735827

28 Harper Road, Stroud, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom, GL5 4NG
United Kingdom

Allegation: Unfulfilled contract

Value: GBP 23,000.00

Dispute details:

Failure to

Agreement made to build conservatory with heated floors and finished wall. Quoted January with indication they could have done by March given available time slots. Booked January 28th 2022 and £5,000 deposit transferred by bank.
February 8th texts about starting work and two lads arrive to dig foundation and prepare. Dug and left and follow up and showing up issues started. Apology Feb 28th with promise to be in touch. March 1st will call me that day, never did. March 4th and 5th promises, still no shows and March 8th advised van broke down.
March 14th advised would be with me16th then advised 18th. Again on March 22nd. March 31st advised delay on frames and would be with me once delivered (now past advised completion date)
April 11th, apologies as digger stolen, no show. Asked why no call, said forgot.
April 12th bi fold doors arrive, notify Aspects.
April 25th lorry arrived with frames. Aspects supposed to be here to unload, they did not and had to chase them down. Delivery driver came from up north and days before they could deliver again. He would wait, someone from Aspects eventually showed to help unload.
APril 27th, expect electrician for flooring, stayed home all day, no show.
After a number of weeks they arrive to put up conservatory frame, had issues. As for my quote booklet with measurements, take and never give back despite mutliple requests.
Have by this time asked for balance to pay and paid in full. Had to make multiple requests for a receipt. Sent complaints and the person who came to quote and sell and the builder both claiming the other party owned the business and would not take responsibility.
Once frame up and awaiting finish and flooring it was noted that their were substantial gaps all over and two experts hired to say they were off on the foundation which meant nothing fit, bi-fold door also was not supported properly as support beam had been cut in half and told not to open the door as could collapse. Also told the work was inferior in many areas and likely to cause issues with the house.
Aspects said they would come by to rectify but continued no shows and excuses. Estimates received and was told best to tear down and redo with quotes of between $25,000 and $30,000. Piles of rubbish was additionally left behind my garage and was being blown around during high winds. Had to pay $100 to have someone come and remove given that.
They also had knocked a hole in the back of the garage as contracted and put in a door but had taken out too much wall and the door does not open and the who area is unsightly and unusable.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

As indicated above, multiple.

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Sadie Jane Bailey

Chippenham , United Kingdom