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Ref: 1723
Filed: 01/11/2022

Accused Company:


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Company number: gb-13760100

Unit 21 St Michaels Ind Est, Widnes, Widnes, Cheshire, England, WA8 8TL
United Kingdom

Allegation: Negligence

Value: GBP 45,000.00

Dispute details:

Building not fit for purpose had to be demolished as it was dangerous, garden work incorrectly done all had to be pulled out, drive also incorrectly done needs to be pulled up as it is crumbling drains also incorrectly done and need to have correct parts fitted

Owner of the company was employed to construct an extension and also garden room for us. We began work extension was completed then work on the garden room began, it was at an extremely slow pace worker's did not turn up most days building was constructed then screeded and plastered despite the roof leaking and not being sealed properly. We expressed concern multiple times re the roof as it was letting in a lot of water eventually ceiling caved in workmen were sent to apply a sealing product to the roof in the rain they advised it wouldn't work the walls were covered in water the ceiling was caved in multiple areas it took a week before the owner of the business came out to assess damage he assured us it was all fine and he would just fix it and it looked worse than it was. We were not convinced as there was damp up the walls black spots all over them the ceiling was hanging in caved in multiple areas. Owner of business used a bathroom sealant around the edges of the external roof in an attempt to seal it. We had three people come out to assess the roof all concluded it was not safe and needed to come off. It had not been fitted correctly infact it wasn't attached to the building at all. The grounds work was also in question as building regs came out to assess drains and advised that the floor was above the dpc and couldn't be like that. Held a meeting with owner of company who still maintained roof was fine and asked how building regs would know groundswork was above dpc. We advised it all needed to come up and be re done to building regs and roof also needed to come off and be re done. Owner of business agreed both to be done said he would agree to have another company to do the roof and grounds work he was then coming back to do multiple uncompleted jobs he came back once then went to get supplies and never returned. Day one of new company here to sort roof uncovered no insulation in walls of outbuilding, c16s used instead of c32s, roof not attached to building at all, no insulation in floor instead 10inches of concrete, not pointed correctly, cheap products used crumbling in the wet weather whole building was deemed unsafe and had to be demolished and re built completely. Seating area next to outbuilding and firepit table constructed from mud and site rubbish and encased in breeze blocks again unsafe would have crumbled within six months or so all had to be demolished and re built. Groundswork then began alongside re build only to discover no mot,ground on so many different levels it had to be completely dug out, which uncovered incorrect parts used on drains for the extension, had drains expert out he classed it as very poor workmanship all needs to be re done, block paving and year old garden debris from hedgerows all had to be removed from drains, some drains had been sealed shut and had to be re opened, soil pipe incorrectly assembled and backed up so badly it had to all be redone and cleared.Guttering on extension was also badly done didn't fit correctly wasn't correctly put together needs re doing. Pointing on extension complete mess needs to be re done areas crumbling. We had a bbq constructed it was uneven, crumbling and incorrectly assembled all had to be demolished after multiple experts assessment. Everything in the garden has had to be re done. Also then looked at the drive incorrect flags used, no mot, cracked flags, incorrect manhole cover now all crumbling all needs re doing. Entire garden room, garden, bbq all needs re doing.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

Contacted owner of business as we uncovered each new bad job, emails ignored no response at all.We then went through a third party owner emailed and advised nothing to do with him and just ignores emails.

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Leyton Jeffs

Warrington , United Kingdom