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Ref: 2481
Filed: 24/01/2024

Accused Company:


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Company number: gb-14272466
Website: www.aboveallgroup.co.uk

United Kingdom

Allegation: Poor Quality

Value: GBP 3,000.00

Dispute details:

Refusal to rectify poor quality work or issue a refund

We contracted Above All Lofts And Extensions to carry out a mini refurbishment of our property in August 2023.
1. To replace the flat roof covering on our garage.
2. To re-board and skim our ceilings. To re-plaster areas which had coving removed.
3. To paint and decorate the entire house.
Over 5 months later, this work has still not been completed.
Having accepted the job, we became aware that the company did not have a roofer available to undertake the work, and therefore they brought in a roofer they had never used before to complete the work. The covering was not laid correctly and so when it rained we noticed a leak in the room below. They then told us that they would get their regular roofer to fix the problem, however after further rainfall, the walls in the room were again totally soaked through, which culminated in extensive mould growth on the walls. It took a further visit for the covering to be installed correctly. The room below has now been redecorated, however bearing in mind the length of time the walls were subjected to moisture, we have concerns about the damage that may have been done to the plywood under the felt, and the structure of the wall below.
In the course of the works, the company damaged our boiler flue, and left it in a dangerous state with a possibility of carbon monoxide leaking into the house. This issue came to light when British Gas came to service our boiler, and they were therefore forced to replace the flue. They also attempted to get us to pay £950 for plywood, that had not been purchased for or used on the house.
Since the ceilings and upper walls of our living room were skimmed / plastered, we have had a recurrent problem of the paint and plaster cracking.
We have now learnt that to speed up the drying process, heaters were used to artificially dry the plaster. The company have so far simply filled in the cracks, and painted the walls without dealing with the underlying problem with the plaster, and therefore the cracks keep reappearing.
Although we had paid for the house to be professionally decorated, the company instructed their decorator at short notice, and allowed the decorator to bring in family and friends who were not decorators to carry out the equivalent of a diy job. The company have admitted that no preparation was done whatsoever, and in-fact walls and wood work areas were painted with plaster and other remnants of the building work still attached. The company have accepted that “the decorating is not the best”, however they are insisting that we allow the same decorator to return to put matters right. We have told them that we are reluctant to do this because in addition to the poor quality paint job, the decorator splashed paint all over the house, and this problem has not been rectified satisfactory. The company have access to other painters whose work is of better quality, however they are insisting that we have the painter whose work is not up to scratch back, simply because although they were made aware of the poor quality work, they took the decision to pay him in full.
The director agreed to come and have a look at the outstanding issues, however did not turn up and has not been in touch since. We have asked the company to rectify the problems or issue a refund.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

We have made numerous phone calls, and sent emails to attempt to resolve this issue. The company told us in November to only contact them by email. However they have now stopped answering our emails.

Response to accusation (by accused):

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E Doosey

London , United Kingdom