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Ref: 2344
Filed: 18/09/2023

Accused Company:


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Company number: gb-14577104

86-90 Paul Street, London, England, EC2A 4NE
United Kingdom

Allegation: Unfulfilled contract

Value: GBP 750.00

Dispute details:

Unfinished work/ Poor quality work/ Poor communication.

Kitchen refurbishment:

40% deposit was paid on 03/02/2023. A schedule of works was produced showing that the work would take place between the 9th and 31st May 2023.

Even though the work was obviously behind schedule the builder never discussed a new completion date with me at any time. When I said that he obviously wasn’t going to be finished by the 31st May he said “I never said that I would”.

On 21/06/23 I was led to believe that the work was finally complete and I paid the outstanding balance.

I produced a three page list of remedial work that needed doing but the builder still hadn’t completed it by 31st August 2023, three months after the stated completion date, and that was when I requested a partial refund of £750 to enable me to have the works completed by someone else.

- The standard of painting of the woodwork was appalling and I have had to pay to have it redone.
- Two cat flaps were fitted in internal doors. Neither opened correctly and I have had to pay to have them refitted.
- One area of plinth has been fitted with a score mark down it. Another length will need to be bought so it can be replaced. The removable runs of plinth have not had clips fitted to them.
-The LVT flooring has not been glued down properly in several areas and there has been no consistency as to the alignment of the planks. The wrong type of door bar was fitted between the LVT and carpet. This moved around and was a trip hazard. The correct type of door bar needs fitting.
- A length of the under-cabinet trim had been cut so that the gloss laminate was very badly split. The builder removed it but never got round to replacing it. More will have to be bought so it can be refitted.
- Replacement doors on the integrated fridge freezer need fitting.
- A corner post has been fitted very skewed and needs rectifying.
- The dishwasher needs levelling.
- The tiling has not been done to an acceptable standard. The gaps between tiles are uneven and there are areas awaiting grouting. Cut edges are chipped. There are areas where the tiling just isn’t flat.
- Quadrant trim was fitted between the tiled walls and the worktop but the corner mitre cuts are unacceptable so the whole lot will need to be removed.

When I questioned the quality of work I was told that there was nothing wrong with it and I was “too picky”. I have since had other contractors in to quote me for the remedial works and have discovered, amongst other issues, that the worktop has been fitted incorrectly and will need replacing.

I will still accept £750 at this point but if I have to take legal action to recover the money then I will be going after a much larger amount to cover everything that needs doing.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

The builder was given every opportunity to complete the job but failed to do so within an acceptable period of time.

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Sharon du Kamp

Littlehampton , United Kingdom