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Ref: 2282
Filed: 02/08/2023

Accused Company:


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Company number: gb-14615159

36 Cramfit Crescent
Dinnington, Sheffield, S25 2XT
United Kingdom

Allegation: Poor Quality

Value: GBP 45,000.00

Dispute details:

The whole project started OK first few weeks, then week by week began to deteriorate. Communication was poor through the project lifecycle. Several suppliers of mine have made complaints about the management of the whole project I.e telecoms, beds supplier.

After many attempts to resolve the dispute between our companies, our journey came to an end early July. The owner of the company has been telling me since April that my building is nearly finished, and even early July he tried to tell me were 99% completed.

Once the owner left, it exposed the truth of how this building was managed,

Since then, I've had to get my own electric certificate, gas certificate, fire sign off etc. I was told all this was done, but I never recieved this from the owner of the company due to a financial dispute.

Gas: needed flu, fan and seal replacement. How can they have had the certificates if one of the fans were faulty?

Electric: None of the connections were put into connector blocks, every electrictian I spoke to weren't going to touch the works, however one sorted it out for me and explained to me that the way it was done does not meet building standards.

Fire: One of the most important safety considerations. I was told that the fire is done many times, the day the owner left we spotted 14 doors that wouldn't even close properly, 4 doors that haven't even been wired or configured.

Painting: Despite numerous verbal attempts, my whole building had paint on the flooring. They were not using protective sheet. The flooring was new and costed a lot of money and was fit during the project and recommend by the owner of the company. We have spent £1600 with a cleaning company who by the end only managed to get rid of half paint. I have video evidence of all this. Painting job done extremely poorly throughout the building with a lot of touch ups required, plasterboarding, reskimming.

The ramp done by the company was not at all up to standards, it was made to be disabled access, the whole ramp was a trip hazard. I could not open like that. The main entrance was just a shell, after 6 months of being onsit?

The owner claimed he ordered the nurse call bell system months ago and put a deposit, despite repeated attempts to get it installed, the owner waited last min and told me that they've discontinued the product.

No radiator covers put onto radiotors.

Plumbing side, everything is push fit nearly every few rooms there has been leaks appearing in the vanity units and ceilings. I have picture evidence and videos. I've had to call another plumber to go through each room to ensure all connections are securely done. We are running a care home, these types of safety is imperative.

Every aspect of the project needed changing continuously due to failure to communicate with the project sponsor.

They also put blinds on before the window sills were painted.

Handrails that were put on were a risk hazard as they were rough and hadn't been sanded.

We the customer had to draw up the revised floor plan and submit to building control. Couldn't get fire risk assessment done as I was told it was okay to get done but on the day they came and it was no where near. Still haven't got building sign off.

Although the contract was between myself and the construction company, all the owner's sub contractors sent me the invoices directly? Even though nothing was complete.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

Many attempts, but just empty promises and no action.

Response to accusation (by accused):

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