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Ref: 1979
Filed: 07/02/2023

Accused Company:


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Company number: gb-IP030441

United Kingdom

Allegation: Unpaid invoice

Value: GBP 150.00

Dispute details:

Unpaid invoce , personal and financial damage

Name : Waleed Makari

Phone : **********

DOB : **/**/****

Working : Self-employed operate under WM maintenance engineer
(subcontractors at social housing Via online platform called : Plentific )

The Job is : Property General maintenance for housing association company at greater London . L&Q group is one of this company we do the job for .

My job as I registered for the platform Plumber and gas safe .

The invoice attached is the one L&Q refuse to pay for no particular reasons .

The job is : leaks detection at the job description and send to Plumber trader .

After the job is done the financial Manager at L&Q insist the job most be quoted for the following Work,of what I report at my compilation .

But The following work is not for plumber work ,and it needs more traders to be involved ( Plasterers , Tilers , bathroom fitters , plumbers, and painter and decorates )

Bath should be removed and the tiles and the plasterboard to be replaced and the damaged floorboard and flooring as well , with miner plumbing work and some painting and decorating for the walls effected by the long-term leaks .

That's mean it's complete refurbishment for the bathroom .

I speaks on phone with the housing manager before I left the inspection job and I explain

the situation clearly and he asked me to put everything need to be done on my

compilation report and I did so

The financial manager see my invoice and my me report then she decline it basis on :

1- My quotation was accepted as multi triad , and if I'm not I should not quote for the job!

(Please see the job description attached)

2- If I can't do the following I should not get the full invoice amount !

(but I said I did not negotiate the price after the job is done )

For about 10 weeks L&Q refuse to pay the invoice or write and legal report about why the payment is decline .

Many phone call to my platform managers and just at 03/02/2023 he replay to me as :sorry we can do nothing about it .

Due to this ongoing unsolved problem I lost great amount of my income as I can't take any job from L&Q , and now I'll lose my job completely if I complain about to the platform management .


Attempts to resolve dispute:

The responsible company is Plentific : the manager do not care about the contractor's but the most important for them is the housing company as they make there profit from .

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Waleed Makari

London , United Kingdom