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Ref: 2462
Filed: 08/01/2024

Accused Company:


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Company number: gb-SC736232
Website: JRD Elite Joinery on Facebook

United Kingdom

Allegation: Poor Quality

Value: GBP 24,750.00

Dispute details:

Breach of agreed works and works not within building code

We agreed with the stated company for works to start on 28th of May 2023 for a period of four to six weeks in which we had to move out the property. This turned into five months before we could fully move back in. At our initial meetings the director of the company agreed that he would be 100% committed to replacing new bottom floor ceilings and top floors. The director agreed that he himself would be completing all the works as he stated he knew how to fix the problems we had.
We paid £16,750 upfront and extra two payments of £3500 and £2000. The alarm bells sounded for us when after the first week the director asked for an additional £8500 in cash, in which we declined straight away.
He stated he had put in £2,000 for a labourer that never showed at the property. When the works started, he had a seventeen-year-old apprentice that had no tools and stated he did not want any tools, a twenty-four-year-old what he stated was a joiner that had worked as a machinist at a different company only around three months before.
The director only attended to the property for two days in the first week a day and a half the second week, at which time after the second week we had a meeting with him on the Friday and stated that the working practices where terrible and had to change if they were to continue and why he was not completing the works fully and as agreed would be at the property every day.
The situation became worse he ever came back to the property after the third week and left the two underqualified and out of their depth seventeen and twenty-four years olds totally unsupervised putting up new ceilings and floors, the house was a shambles. after six weeks we stopped them working and sacked them.
Even though there was a skip in the driveway rubbish and discarded materials were all over the garden and neighbours complaining to us that these were going into their garden , every night i visited the property i had to gather this from our garden and my neighbours and put in the skip. The working practices inside the house were worse.
We paid hundreds of pounds extra in cash as to have extra insulation put in the whole bottom ceilings as to have double insulation in. When the other joiners came to fix the boards that were not secure , there is only the original or one layer of insulation put in, again paid for extra for works that were never carried out and with us more money down.
The director constantly never showed with meetings with us, lied to us and totally misled us to gain the works. We had to gain other workmen in as to complete the electrical works and make the flooring safe. The bottom ceiling had been put up with no holes cut for the downlighters, with this we had to have four hatches in the top floor cut out as to find the cables for the lights. Also, two different joiners as to complete the new doors and other works that had not completed, the other joiner to lift some of the flooring as to make safe as not supports were put in and the boards were bending with the feeling, we could go through them.
The whole job must be redone, the property feels a wreck and is in a far worse condition then when we left with far more issues than the original ones due to the horrendous worked that was carried out. Everything they touched is wrong and does not comply with any building standards.
Now the director by email is harassing us for the balance of payment for work he did not complete and threating to re-lift the floors and take ceilings down even though we paid for the materials upfront with our own capital. We have had to change all the locks in the house as not all keys were returned to us.
We have sent the director two letters completed by trading standards with ourselves as to refund what we paid in which the total was £24,750 for this company and his decorator and plasterer. Now we have the costs of taking legal action as to try and recoup any capital we can as to have the works redone.
This is the worst experience we have ever had with a company and the ongoing stress and feeling of being cheated out of our capital is taking its toll.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

We had given the director a chance to rectify all the problems at the last meeting ,he said it would be weeks before they could come back and then it would be the twenty four year old joiner, the same one that had caused all the problems and had no a clue what he was doing. This was pointless and we sacked them that day.
Along with trading standards and consumer Scotland two letters were drafted , tracked and signed to the Director each with fourteen days to respond as to refund the capital due. We received no response. Now we have to take legal action via a solicitor for court action that will cost us so much money.

Response to accusation (by accused):

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William Morris

Gorebridge , United Kingdom