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Ref: 2552
Filed: 02/04/2024

Accused Company:


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Company number: gb-SC763537
Website: First fix construction ltd Scotland

United Kingdom

Allegation: Unfulfilled contract

Value: GBP 15,000.00

Dispute details:

Unfulfilled contract

Hired business June 2023 to do a renovation to our home .
Paid £26.675 over 8 week process.
First 3 weeks work was on track were happy then excuses lies weeks without contact ignores phone calls messages.
Found out the main builder hired outside parties to do the project.
Lie after lie and excuse after excuse
We were left with a house 40% done .
And fault after fault . Found out £10000 was paid to the supposed project manager (PROOF AVAILABLE) And then a further £1000 for flooring again ( proof available)
So thats £11000 plus £800 for 2 bathrooms. Thats £12.600 paid out of £26.675 .
We have been left with a unsafe home faulty dodgy workmanship.
We have had to pay for Tilers painter and decorator plumber joiner plasterer gardeners.
We have 100% proof of everything we have had to pay to date which is 2/5/24 of all trades involved each payment to all parties involved.
Our home should have been completed before end of September 23.
No apart from plasterer work flooring which was a mess and some other small things done by the trades involved before the main builder decided to start ignoring our calls..
When the main builder stopped paying the boys involved they had no other choice but to leave and seek work else where.
We have had to completely strip out downstairs loo as the sheeting on walls was put up by a plasterer and was hanging on the walls screwed into foam .
So we have had to pay almost £5000 for a full downstairs loo to be fully constructed tiled floor and walls new sheeting in walls and roof spots all new electrical work done and new bathroom suite fitted.
Upstairs loo again fully tiled fitted with loo and shower. All new electrical work .all new skirting boards threw out ladder and hatch . Full house painted spots light switches threw out all that and a million other things been done and paid for by myself and my partner also Full front hedging and countless conifers trees removed which involved hiring a digger and a man to dig out and remove..
All this has cost us outwith the money that was paid our original builder almost £13000 .
Please note we don't get discounts on goods and materials.
All goods equipment materials wages for all trades involved have cost us from November 2023 till April 2024 almost £13000 .
We should have moved in before Xmas 23 but now we're in April 2024 with a house that still has so much to be done .
Including lawyers fees court fees my partners loss of wages with taking time of work to do as much work as he could to attempt to save money.
That and the amount of emotional stress this had on my family .
Also factor in rent we are paying for a house we should have been out of 6months ago at £447 per month rent.
We're is the fairness in paying someone 95% of the money laid out in his contract invoice for there be this much hassle .
Add the £26.675 and the £13000 we have paid put our own pocket since last year is almost £40000 we are now in financial dispare because of this man and his lies .
Avoid at all costs because to take someone at face value trust them with your home and then ruin what essentially should have been a happy time and after the death of my partners mother who's home she left to her son my partner.
A new chapter turned into utter disaster.
I simply don't understand why someone worth there salt could do this ..
I trusted this man and for him to do this to us is wicked and utterly senseless all this could have avoided if calls were returned monies returned. So now its come to lawyer's courts and potentially us losing thousands of pounds all because of in my eyes is sheer greed. Maybe this will be seen by the said business maybe not but its a warning to anyone who is thinking of hiring a builder or business
Do background checks
Seek legal help when there is £££ involved.
Ask what your rights are with contracts and please please do not hand over thousands of pounds unless you see work is date up to scratch and your happy with the work alwys ask questions don't just sign something or even hand shake deals .. because your money is at risk of being essentially stolen.
This kinda thing is what gives genuine hard working builder of all trades bad names.
To even think that I was sympathetic to his situation at the time was an understatement..
The main builder did not actually do any work in the house himself a think he did something on day1 which was June 2023
After June 2023 .
He never actually visited the property again not once made promises never hounered any of them..
The fella he hired as the project manager
The main builder made out as of he new him personally and had did loads of other projects for him in the past which turned out to be a pack of lies..
He hired a total stranger to do our home .
The project manager had never did any work previous for him .
So after getting to know the different trades involved in the months of June July and August were all smashing guys but could not continue or finish due to the main builder not releasing any funds paid to him by us.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

1000s of messages unanswered
1000s of calls ignored.
Sent email stating the work to be completed September 23rd 2023 .deadline came and went more lies.
Another deadline October 23.
Ignored again .
Text messages literally begging for money back so we could pay new builders.
Sent email with the outlook of receiving a response withing 14 days explaining we had seeked quotes and needed a refund to finish and pay for job completion.
Asked him if he couldn't finish the job please release our money which he had.
So we could finish ourselves that email went unanswered.
Sent WhatsApp messages to say we were cancelling the contract with him and for him to seek legal advice as we were also doing the same this was end of October 23 received 1 reply on beginning of November 23 ..
To the effects of our job wasn't the only job that was messed up ..
I explained that was not our problem and he had ample time to get back to us and release our funds .it was a fairly simple request but again ignored that .
So we have now received legal representation and now started legal proceedings to attempt to get what is rightfully 100% ours .

Response to accusation (by accused):

Hi, Thanks for raising this to my concern as I was unaware about this current situation regarding this client.. I would firstly like to address some issues that’s been stated on this complaint… the first and main point I would like to mention is the customer accepted the invoice and quote and contracted to starting the works with first fix construction… so anything that spent as part of that invoice unfortunately is of no concern to the customer as there are many unforeseen costs that a client can’t and won’t see.. some example of those costs as business tax, business finance, business insurances etc, etc etc… Secondly the most important factor of this complaint that I can’t stress anymore is the customer asked us not to return to the project and they had sorted someone else to continue the works. This being the case I don’t understand why this complaint has been filled. I have evidential proof of messages from Alan of strict instructions that he didn’t want us to continue the works and make right any lost time on the project.

Counter Response (by complainant):

Yes told not ro return and yes by myself and Alan..but also make right the fact that you were giving so many chances to make this right so you pull proof out of were you sent £26.675 and then you will see black and white proof of how much you paid Barry because we have it and so does the lawyer. You were made aware time after time after time of the disasters it the home I have every messaged and every picture from myself to you . This has made me ill honestly the proof is in the paper work . Essentially your saying that the clean smooth finish that was promised is what we were left with no. That's not the case we have all trades involved from start to finish how much was paid to them etc you choose Barry a man you didn't know you only met the day you arrange to meet him at the property you choose wrong because you put a man in charge you didn't know and that's fact. We know this how communication.. we had to find out were our money went what it was spent on and to whom and we did right down to the screenshot of your payments to Barry. We trusted you ray and you can say you tried your best that simply wasn't the case you did not insure anyone because you personally apart from June all of 1 day.. you were not present at the address after that. We know that and so do you. You were made aware time after time of the mess and the goings on in the house by Mr and Alan you kept saying Barry's in charge speak to him .. what happened was there was not proper instructions from beginning leading to confusion with money materials you think men are going to show up if money is not there to pay them or even materials to work with. Can all trades involved be lying? Of course not I gave you months and months to finish but you ignored messages after message and yes you were asked to end contract simply because we couldn't wait Any longer you were not paying certain boys no names mentioned. But are they all lying.. and your fully aware of the situation you have just choose to ignore text emails letters from lawyers as you do not see that your at fault at all. From November to date we have had to buy tiles pay tiler buy paint pay painter well am not going to drone on simply saying you have been made aware last year at every turn of more or less every day of the weeks upon end were there was no trades in the house every mess up after mess up we more or less hounded you but you kept saying see Barry we hired you not him .you hired him that's your for the contract yes was £27.500 you were paid £26.675 and paid Barry £11000 so what happened to the rest £1600 for 2 toilets and that was us covering for the black stuff. No splash door either. We have every invoice we have paid out to electrician tiler joiner painter and decorator everyone involved to try and finish this so we will leave it there as a said proof is in paperwork . It's unprofessional and what did you think that you were making £13000 profit does not work that way you were asked to leave due to the 6month wait on a job that should have been completed in 4/6 Weeks.


Karen Robinson

Glasgow , United Kingdom