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Ref: 2254
Filed: 14/07/2023

Accused Company:


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Company number: ie-632518

Flynn O'Driscoll Business Lawyers, 1 Grant's Row, Lower Mount Street, Dublin 2, DUBLIN, D02 HX96, Ireland, D02 HX96

Allegation: Unpaid invoice

Value: USD 6,404.25

Dispute details:

Customer Ignored Invoice after Small Misunderstanding

I designed an RF amplifier box, built CAD models and created manufacturing drawings. I received a matching quote for the first set of parts that gave a reasonable price and much, much faster delivery than we expected. I forwarded the quote to the Director of Engineering and waited for some response. I never received a response from the Director or any other Capri Medical Manager.

Given what I knew about the tight timeline for this phase of the project, I gave the machine shop permission to make parts because of the low cost and fast delivery. The parts were machined and delivered on about the same day I submitted my invoice.

The Director was upset that I gave the shop permission and I apologized for the mistake. The Director accused me of not sending him the machining quote. The Director went on to send me a scathing email about the matter. When I reminded him that I sent the quote, he backed down and said, “ Hi Pat, I tried to ring you there and I'll try again during the week. Not to worry about the issue. What is done is done. What is not likely transparent to you is that this project has been over due and over budget for a long time now and was due to be paused in spite of recent events. We thought that finishing the [amplifier] build would be worth doing to close out the project but the costs are much higher than expected. It is not such a bad thing that Hxxxxx has the plates to go with the PCBs so he can test that stuff out. Though it would have been much more favourable to have been in the position to make the decision on this. Things happen. We respect your efforts in looking to push on the project and the great design work to date. I have passed the invoices to accounts and you should see these paid out to you. Thanks, Dxxxxx”. It’s fairly clear that the Director has accepted the situation and directed Accounts to pay my invoice. They have never paid.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

After waiting the agreed-upon 30 days per our contract, I sent an email maybe one email per 1-2 weeks to the Director and to the company’s founder and CEO, Fxxxxx Wxxx. I sent a formail Demand letter just over 7 days ago with copies of my invoice and supporting documentation. I have not received a response from anyone at Capri Medical.

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Patrick O’Grady

Longmont , United States - Colorado