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Ref: 1954
Filed: 28/01/2023

Accused Company:


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Company number: ie-661375


Allegation: Unpaid invoice

Value: GBP 14,878.01

Dispute details:

Extremely overdue invoice, unpaid since Dec 2019

This letter provides detail on the occurrences since Order Number. 5649 was placed by the debtors; the directors (A & B) on 10th December 2019, as it still remains unpaid in full. The directors had placed an order following a conversation with Tom, on setting up a hygiene products distribution business in Galway, Ireland. Order 5649 was placed on our system, a proforma invoice & an order confirmation was sent to Director A, with a request to sign, scan & return to us in order to allow order to be processed. On the same day, both were signed and returned to us. Whilst order was being prepared from our side, both directors had requested our assistance in various aspects relating to company setup such as Business Cards, Brochures, Company Website, Storage Site Allocation, Signage Contractor Appointment, Recruitment of Sales Consultant, Arranging HR Advisor. By 20th December 2019, director A had made payment of £11,500.00, following agreement with Tom to make 50/50 payment, as they had some matters to sort but would pay 50% upon delivery. On this basis, load
was dispatched, and we coordinated with Oranmore based SSL Logistics to ensure goods were delivered and stored correctly. We then sent invoice reminders on 20 Dec & 30 Dec with no payment, but promises by the director A to make payment by initially waiting for Bank Loan, then selling assets overseas - both promises fell through. By January, we continued to press reminders, and calls were
made between Tom & the directors, they continued to make promises to make payment. From January 13 till January 15th, Tom visited the directors to check their setup, and to assist in recruitment efforts as they requested to do so and promised money would be paid. Director A claimed to not have any possessions in Ireland at the time which he could sell to raise funds, but he did have a BMW Gran Tourer
Red which he claimed was allegedly borrowed for the 3 days to facilitate Tom's arrival and that the directors had a small car. It is clear to the company, this was false, as they pose with & in the same car which is pictured in multiple profile photos and social media posts, still in 2020 & 2021.
These attempts failed, due to both refusing to make contact, apart from debit note claiming they were going to ship back the goods - this never occurred. Following this, efforts to obtain debt were paused due to the company believing they were struggling financially & on good morals we paused efforts, but monitoring was ongoing. However, we had noticed in July that both directors had opened a new business, WESTO FOOD INDUSTRIES and were trading as ASIALAND GALWAY, operating an Asian foods retail shop. Images of tonnes of stock, daily advertisements and director A pictured in a particular time were published on Google / Facebook. Both businesses are operating and as per CRO.ie have made annual returns. Both individuals remain directors, and residential addresses are same as per incorporation. This is utterly disgusting, and shows a manipulative & deceiving nature. They went to all extremes to ensure they did not have to pay back remaining debts to our company, whilst generating revenues . We require full settlement as per our final invoice.

Until the point of payment, we highly advise and notify all parties engaged with the above debtor to deal with caution as they have many fraudulent and unethical practices.

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Tom Thomas

Manston , United Kingdom

West-O Hygiene Solutions Ltd

GB-West-O Hygiene Solutions Ltd