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Ref: 2136
Filed: 07/05/2023

Accused Company:


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Company number: nz-2296266

71 Vincent Street, Howick, Auckland, 2014
New Zealand

Allegation: Unpaid invoice

Value: NZD 17,457.80

Dispute details:

Not paid Invoices for the work i done for Kyle Communications limited

Kyle Communications  Limited worked as a Sub-contractor for Ventia Limited . Ventia Limited  provide the work to their Sub-contractors.  Ventia Limited install the Fibre Broadband connections for Customers and they allocate jobs to their Sub-contractors .  I had work clip as a Lead Technician  in Kyle Communications Limited.  I  worked for Kyle Communications Limited  as a Employee from 2016 to 2020 . I was very keen to start my own business. In 2020,  I spoke to Company  Director of Kyle Communications Limited and  told them that i want to start my own business.  Company director said you can work for Kyle Communications  Limited  as a Sub-contractor. Company  director said, we will pay you 90% payment of the jobs  and we will take 10%  letting fee for the jobs that i will Complete for them .  We both were agree on this agrement. I purchased my own work van and tools.
Then i started doing jobs for them. Ventia Limited pay their contractors Fortnightly for jobs those completed  in two weeks.  So as per discussion with Direcotor of Kyle Communications  Limited , I sent list of jobs every fortnightly. 
For the first Few weeks the director of company  paid me 90% payment of Every job. But after few weeks he never paid for my all jobs completed. I sent him job lists every fortnight and  he never paid all the jobs i done for Kyle Communications limited.  Usually i completed 12 to 20 jobs per fortnight.  He started ignoring  payment for few jobs from list of every  fortnight jobs. I always sent him email with list of new jobs completed  in last 2 weeks and list of unpaid jobs from all the previous lists. But he never paid me those unpaid jobs.  After  few months in 2021 , I requested to Ventia  Limited to move my clip in my own Company. At the end of 2021 I got my own contract from Ventia limited and started  my own business under Ventia Limited as Sub-contractor.  Then i stopped doing  jobs for Kyle  Communications  limited. After that i sent him lots of emails and text  messages and requested  to pay my unpaid invoices but they ignored  my emails and text messages. I tried to ring on their contact number  and they stopped answering  my phone calls. I am waiting for my payment  from  around previous 2 years. But he never paid my $17457.89.
Could you please assist me that how i can get my invoice amount from the company i worked for. Please help me on this.  I will be really thankful to you. Kind Regards, Tarsem Singh

Attempts to resolve dispute:

I tried to ring mutiple times on phone but company director didn't attend my calls, I sent lots of email and text messages to pay my Unpaid invoices but he ignored my requests.

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Tarsem Singh

Palmerston North , New Zealand