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Ref: 2461
Filed: 07/01/2024

Accused Company:


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Company number: nz-418287
Website: psbc.co.nz

Des Chia & Associates Limited, 52 King Street, Hamilton, 3204, New Zealand
New Zealand

Allegation: Cost dispute / Over-charge

Value: NIO 3,577.19

Dispute details:

Disputed Invoice Ref: IVO7217

December 2020 - As a staff member with PS Brown Construction employed as a project manager I asked the Managing Director if I could use the services of one of the subcontractor carpenters for a day and a half to do some work at my home address, rather than having to send the subcontractor home as there was no work available for him at this time. After consulting with the Managing Director it was agreed I could proceed and use the subcontractor, with the Managing Director agreeing to the rate of $40/hour including GST to cover the labour costs, which was the normal process for staff members. Additional to the labour costs was material costs which would be charged back at cost, something else which was the normal process for staff members. Once material costs were invoiced by Mitre 10, these costs were paid in full and in cash to the Managing Director as requested. After months of chasing up the invoice for the labour costs which I initially challenged as an over-charge as the carpenter did not spend 18 hours associated to the job. However, as I was grateful for the labour to be at staff rates, I accepted the invoice which was dated the 15th April 2021 (the final day of my employment). This invoice was paid directly into the nominated bank account as shown on the invoice. During my final day of employment and while at lunch with the Managing Director I advised the Managing Director I had received the invoice and thanked him again for his act of generosity with staff rates.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

Received new invoice demand on the 21/12/2023, replied to PS Brown Construction on the 22/12/2023 disputing the invoice. Have not received any further communication from PS Brown Construction which is likely due to the festive close down.

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Graeme Donaldson

Hamilton , New Zealand