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Ref: 2163
Filed: 23/05/2023

Accused Company:


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Company number: nz-8262631

Andre Hofenk, 7b Allstone Place, Burwood, Christchurch, 8083
New Zealand

Allegation: Unpaid invoice

Value: NZD 10,470.22

Dispute details:


Once apon a time, there was a kind, honest electrician who has had years of experience decommissioning houses for major or minor works & restate with modern light fittings and sockets etc. A client asked me for a basic quote for decommission/reinstate with new basic style gear. The day after the quote was accepted more work was added on + extra sockets light fittings etc. long story short, invoiced acceptance of quote + extras. First it was muck around with who was actually in charge, then changing invoice name. Second was a list of gear codes etc ( which the client actually chose the gear and a list and pics etc were given to me by them selves) third, they were to dispute the invoice and now I’ve been ghosted. A lot of work went into this project then been threaten that my terms of trade were Quote ; “”All S**t””.. made it feel this was getting personal. I have been kicked off site and still trying to find a way to recover the costs from this. What’s more disappointing is that I included my discount on materials and passed it onto the client. And they still proceeded with there plan to not pay. A Lesson learnt but still doesn’t make it one’s discretion to act apon another like this. I have heard from other trades that this is common by these narcissistic people. Adding extras on after quote accepted & claiming the extras were part of quote I mean WTF..,

Attempts to resolve dispute:

Invoice reminders, Debt Collection, next court.

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Jason Waszczak

Christchurch , New Zealand

Kilawatt Electrical Limited