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Ref: 1401
Filed: 21/02/2022

Accused Company:


Company number: pl-SF000953


Allegation: Negligence

Value: GBP 46,100.00

Dispute details:

Failure to execute contract in accordance with specifications

We entered into a contract worth £312,669 via one of their UK sales agents and their UK accredited architect to build a high specification pre-fabricated timber frame passive house manufactured in Poland and erected near Warwick. The agent made clear that our communication with Poland was through these UK channels. Inter alia, we stipulated the incorporation of three sets of outward opening French Doors providing wheelchair access from the rear patio and that a pocket pair of Solid Oak Doors be installed to close simultaneously and with minimum effort. The Polish architect failed to honour these demands and without agreement they substituted windows instead of French Doors, thus denying access from the outside patio and incorporated a wholly inferior sliding door mechanism for our pocket doors. The external white render was heavily stained by mud from the workforce and their vehicles and left uncleaned thus detracting from the appearance.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

We have entered into lengthy correspondence to try and resolve their shortcomings. Staff turnover has been a problem at Danwood, who have delayed and/or denied liability for their mistakes citing Covid 19 or lack of materials whilst still erecting numerous new builds in the UK at the same time.

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Douglas & Vivian Harper

Warwick , United Kingdom