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Ref: 2162
Filed: 23/05/2023

Accused Company:


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Company number: us-0100584290

United States - New Jersey

Allegation: Unpaid invoice

Value: GBP 1,305.00

Dispute details:

Invoice due 1st April for services provided in March 2023 in the UK

We provided executive vehicle services for the co founder of this company. It was arranged and agreed with the co-founder that we would provide executive vehicle services for a third party on the following dates:
17th March 2023
19th March 2023
20th March 2023
24th March 2023

The journeys were all in the UK and were as follows:
17th March 2023 - 16.00pm (GMT) - 11 Florence Gardens, Mannigtree, CO11 2FB - Hilton Canopy Hotel, London City, Minories, EC3N 1AX
19th March 2023 - 16.00pm (GMT) - Fairmont Windsor Park Hotel, Windsor, TW20 0YL - Swindon Rail Station, SN1 1DQ
20th March 2023 - 11.00am (GMT) - Hilton Canopy Hotel, London City, Minories, EC3N 1AX - 11 Florence Gardens, Mannigtree, CO11 2FB
24th March 2023 - 14.30pm (GMT) - 11 Florence Gardens, Mannigtree, CO11 2FB - Heathrow Terminal 5

The above journeys are logged in accordance with our licensing regulations.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

We agreed with the co-founder that payment for these journeys would be made on the 1st April. This was a request made by the co founder on 27th March 2023. We agreed to these terms as we had previously carried out several bookings for the company since January 2023 and they had a good payment record. On the 29th march 2023 the co founder said he would take care of our invoice by 1st April (we have this documented via SMS conversation) that was the last we heard from the co founder or anyone connected with his company. We have sent the following reminders and have either sent messages emails or left voicemail.

12/04/2023, 10:43
14/04/2023, 10:12
17/04/2023, 15:56
17/04/2023, 17:36
19/04/2023, 13:14
21/04/2023, 15:27
21/04/2023, 15:32
25/04/2023, 13:46
26/04/2023, 11:00
26/04/2023, 12:56
27/04/2023, 21:03
03/05/2023, 20:10
06/05/2023, 12:48
17/05/2023, 12:59

All the above are full documented and show transcripts when used.

On the 19th May 2023 we finally got to speak with the co founder who expressed a level of abuse at us that we're just no used to in our business. The call was littered with offensive language and abuse and the co founder made it quite clear that he wouldn't be paying his outstanding invoice.

Response to accusation (by accused):

I disagree with these charges but happy to speak post the 9th of June

Counter Response (by complainant):

We have documented evidence that you have agreed to these charges, please see below what you said during a discussion about your outstanding invoice 29/03/2023, 13:48 - Yes please send me I will take care April 1 We would like to have this resolved before the 9th June so please give your immediate attention Thank you


P Tuthill

Bishops Stortford , United Kingdom

Green Sky Executive LLP