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Ref: 2207
Filed: 20/06/2023

Accused Company:


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Company number: us-0101016108

1250 Broadway, 7th Fl New York, NY 10001
United States - New Jersey

Allegation: Unpaid invoice

Value: USD 69,840.00

Dispute details:

Client did not pay for the work delivered

RegPak was contacted by Transperfect employee on 21st of June, 2022 to perform job # US1201372, Elsevier - Human Anatomy Synonyms.

The first PO (Purchase Order) for this project was issued by TransPerfect for one week. However, on the 12th of July 2022, RegPak notified TransPerfect that due to the complexity of the work it will take atleast 3 month’s time to finish the project. On this note, TransPerfect suggested to initiate the work and that PO shall be issued on delivery of the work.. RegPak had informed TransPerfect many times about the necessity of the extension of the project duration. RegPak had always checked with TransPerfect team beforehand whether the extensions were acceptable and if RegPak should carry on with the project, that delivery date as set by TransPerfect was not possible. It was also stated numerous times by RegPak, that if TransPerfect prefer to end/terminate the assignment but TransPerfect always accepted the extension proposal and asked RegPak to continue. RegPak has their correspondences by email in support of this statement.

In the middle of the assignment, RegPak was informed about using the partial database filled by the company to whom project was previously given, prior to contracting out services of RegPak. RegPak upon checking the files, observed that files were incorrect due to use of Latin and English terms. The issue was escalated to Transperfect project managers who were responsible for project oversight. This caused RegPak loss of time.

It is being brought to your attention that in the email sent by RegPak dated July 27th 2022, it was clearly requested to Transperfect by RegPak to check if the assignment was as expected by the client since RegPak had delivered some files by then already. At that time TransPerfect claimed that they don’t have German skills hence they cannot confirm. From time to time, RegPak informed TransPerfect the completion status of the project.

In respect of the quality of RegPak’s job, please note that by the 25th of August, 2022, when the completion rate of their project reached almost 75%, TransPerfect informed RegPak that their client reviewed the work and indicated only some minor mistakes errors.

On September the 17th 2022 ,RegPak informed TransPerfect that for completion of the project, it reached a total of 495 working hours and that RegPak was looking forward to receive their PO for the issuance of the invoice for the work done as initially proposed by TransPerfect that PO shall be raised once the assignment is over.

When RegPak notified TransPerfect the total time taken, TransPerfect sent a reply that they got the files checked (within just 2 days !!) and that the work delivered is of poor quality. This was an Alibi made up by TransPerfect as everything was communicated to TransPerfect from time to time. Also, when the final review was completed by TransPerfect’s client, ELSEVIER, TransPerfect emailed RegPak on 8th of September 2022 and informed RegPak about some minor errors found in the work, not the entire project which RegPak managed to correct. It is noteworthy that each sheet included between 18,000-19,000 rows and each sheet takes approximately 5-6 days for completion. TransPerfect mentioned that they have got the work cross checked by an external contractor. It is doubtful since TransPerfect for the entire duration fo the project never got the work verified however when the request for PO was made, then this excuse was made by TransPerfect and declined to issue the PO as requested. In fact, the original PO raised in July 2022, has also been declined hence no payment at all received for this project.

In their last email dated 8th November, 2022, Transperfect, indicated a breach of a certain contract, named Independent Contract Agreement, that apparently was signed by RegPak with TransPerfect. However no such agreement is available with RegPak. Therefore, RegPak requested Transperfect for providing the signed copy of this contract to RegPak, as RegPak does not have knowledge of its existence, and thus in RegPak’s opinion no terms and conditions were violated.

At some point in their email, Transperfect had indicated that two others independent contractors delivered a job like RegPak’s, and for RegPak it is not clear whether the work delivered considered to be sub-standard was RegPak’s or these two other independent contractors.

If the deliverables were not as expected, Transperfect should have asked RegPak to stop the work and not to continue for 3 months. Why the excuses are being made upon delivery of the project?

It must also be noted that RegPak did offer a discount on the last invoice issued so as to get the payment done by TransPerfect however TransPerfect declined to accept that too. In a phone call in Nov 2022, Transperfect clearly mentioned that no payment shall be done, even the PO issued in July 2022 has been declined.

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Parminder Kaur

Amsterdam , Netherlands