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Ref: 2572
Filed: 17/04/2024

Accused Company:


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Company number: us-F23000005823

United States - Florida

Allegation: Unpaid invoice

Value: USD 3,700.00

Dispute details:

Owner refuses to pay for services rendered.

Lawn services were rendered to an individual for months with no problem, but as soon as their payment got behind, they asked for all past invoices to be billed to the their business. The individual/owner thanked us for our patience as we continued servicing their lawn. As time went by, there were very few if any payments sent. We’ve been sending unpaid invoices since May 2023. The business owner offered to pay a small portion of his invoice but refused to pay the full amount. We did not accept that and now he refuses to pay anything at all.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

Offered payment plan and sent unpaid invoices for over 9 months.

Response to accusation (by accused):

Lawn care company “No Mow Worries Lawn Care” and owner Justo Jaimes neglected duties at property and failed to provide services as agreed upon from May - October 2023. Owners of home were out of the country for five months and upon return (October 2023) lawn and property were in state of major disrepair; front and back lawn overgrown or dead and full of weeds, hedges and trees untrimmed, 15 year old beloved lime tree dead (and cutdown without owners knowledge or permission), all potted plants in front of home unwatered, burnt from sun and dead, debris build up and littered across property, no cleanup after hurricane, flowers neglected and dead. Essentially all agreed upon services were ignored. Additionally, No Mow Worries Lawn Care was responsible for irrigation system at property and failed to address two (2) separate broken sprinkler heads over the course of spring / summer 2023 resulting in significant water damage to exterior of home in two (2) separate locations. Pictures of damage and before / after are available for reference. Cost to repair exterior home damage approximately $2400 (invoice from contractor available for reference). No Mow Worries Lawn Care business owner refuses to acknowledge responsibility for any damage caused by neglect to property as mentioned above. If complaint is not withdrawn, next step will be to pursue in Polk County local court and will seek punitive damages for neglect to property (cost to bring lawn and property back to 100%, including purchase of new plants and shrubbery and new lawn car team, cost of exterior damage to home) plus all lawyer fees, legal and court costs.


Justo Jaimes

Lake Wales , United States - State unknown