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Ref: 2537
Filed: 21/03/2024

Accused Company:


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Company number: us-L12000113167

888 Biscayne Blvd.,
Suite 505,
MIAMI, FL 33132,
United States - Florida

Allegation: Unpaid invoice

Value: USD 46,399.17

Dispute details:

TOCA Events - Unpaid Invoice

TOCA Events was contracted for an event production solely based on the work we provided. Total value of the project was $1,288,866.41 with an agreed commission of 30% of profit for delivering the project. Upon job completion and all payments made in full, TOCA Events has not paid out the agreed commission. They have since tried to alter the agreement and terms due to concessions they needed to give our end client for mistakes they made on the project. In addition, TOCA Events also requested multiple months worth of necessary consulting work we provided in order to facilitate the project which consisted of meetings, creative, strategy, technical documentation, design guides and planning, equipment lists, and budgeting. This also went unpaid and being processed separately, which is in addition to the amount listed in this claim.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

Multiple attempts were made to resolve the outstanding balance directly with TOCA Events who have refused to do so. This included our attorney attempting to arrange a meeting to discuss and mediate the situation with their attorney, prior to us filing suit for non-payment. This also went unanswered.

Response to accusation (by accused):

The allegation below initiated by Eric Kocka of Innov8ive Group LLC, a former employee of JNF (Jewish National Fund) and current consultant to said not-for-profit entity, is unfounded. There was at no time a formalized commission agreement with Mr. Kocka, although we initially offered a generous commission structure. The obstacle to reaching an agreement was that in additional to a commission, Mr. Kocka requested that an additional $150,000.00 be included in our budgets to JNF as pass through costs which would in turn be paid out directly to Kocka. This was unacceptable to TOCA Events, as this does not fit within our internal bookkeeping practices. TOCA Events was awarded the JNF Global Conference for Israel business while Eric Kocka held the position as Director of Events for the 501c3 entity. It has been confirmed in email correspondence that he remained a consultant to JNF through the post-production phase of our project Despite Mr. Kocka's allegations, TOCA Events did not make mistakes during our production of the event and in reality raised the bar from what JNF had done at previous global conferences. We have received numerous emails from Mr. Kocka with tones ranging from threatening, condescending to outright harassment. And finally, at no time did TOCA Events solicit ongoing work requests from Erick Kocka of Innov8ive Group, LLC or either of his partners including Mara Medoff (Medoff Inc) and Ruben Morales. Morales informed us while producing the JNF event in Denver that he, Kocka and Medoff are partners in a corporate entity entitled MARU, or similar.



Fort Lauderdale , United States - Florida

Innov8ive Group