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Ref: 2215
Filed: 22/06/2023

Accused Company:


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Company number: us-L20000009219
Website: mircaglobal.com

United States - Florida

Allegation: Unpaid invoice

Value: USD 42,436.00

Dispute details:

Consignment was released on assurance of 2 weeks payment. But even after 9 months payment against supplied goods is not made by Mirca Global alleging Probable Quality Issue

I am from India. Senior representative visited our plant near Delhi NCR and kept on ordering nails strips and nails coils. Payment terms as per PO was 30 days from BL date but consignee used to release payment when container is about to reach at destination port. Container in dispute was released on assurance of consignee to release payment within 2 weeks from release of container. But even after 9 months of release of container payment is not transferred by the consignee and alleging "Probable Quality Issue".
I also send a Legal Demand Notice during Jan -23 but not persuaded in hope to settle my account. But consignee is not in mood to settle my due amount of USD 42,436 and now telling that container shall be returned back to me (to India). I supplied container at Houston port and the customer/consignee is from FL.

The goods (Coil Nails) were produced against specific order and it is tailor made product. This product is not used in India and even not widely used in US. I can not take back material as it can not be sold in India or to anyone as this is specific size/type of coil nails.
Please help as how I can recover my money.

Attempts to resolve dispute:

I even offer to reduce some amount as discount and also requested for payment but customer/consignee is not agreeing and kept on asking for a Third Party Inspection through US based agency which shall be approved by them. The customer/consignee also asked an TPI agency who will take sample coils boxes and do all testing at their laboratory and submit report. But I arranged TPI who confirmed that Inspector shall witness functional test and shall submit report. But the customer doesn't agree. The customer/Consignee asked me to pay fee of $ 8,000 to $ 9,000 to their suggested TPI which I suggested to be paid by customer/consignee on my behalf and this fee can be deducted from my dues. But the customer/consignee insisting to make advance payment to TPI which I refused. Now Customer/Consignee is adamant for return of goods to India.

Response to accusation (by accused):

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Delhi NCR , India

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